2 single or 1 double wall oven? brand?

cookie44October 8, 2012

Hi there, although I don't post often on these forums I've been a member a while and read a lot. I haven't been able to find this addressed anywhere (pardon me if it is out there and I missed it).

Our 1988 GE 27" double wall oven needs replacing (top oven broke - been using just the bottom a while but with the holidays coming I think we need more than that). We are a family of 4 and eat essentially all meals at home; I love to cook and bake.

I probably would've been perfectly happy to pick a comparable GE and call it a day, but instead I look all around and start considering Bosch and Electrolux (my budget is under $3000, husband would prefer under $2500). So I start to wonder... Can I tell a difference of .4 cubic feet in capacity? Will I notice the difference in how many watts the broiler element is? Which of these will be harder or more $$$ to service? I definitely thought the Electrolux on display was the "sexy" oven; the Bosch seemed sleek but with more "muscle". But is it worth it to spend more $$$ or will they all serve my cooking needs just fine? Will I kick myself everytime I wrestle with a rack if I don't go with the Elux?

The more I looked, the more it started to seem that the biggest issue with double wall oven is often just what I already had happen - one breaks and you have to replace both.

So my ultimate question: Can you replace a double wall oven with two single wall ovens? And how easily? (never had a wall oven until moving in to this house so don't know much about the details on installation and whatnot). Knowing we are not remodeling the kitchen right now (maybe in 8-12 years), how feasible is this? Would it require too much extra work such that it might be cost-prohibitive? I'm not sure, but figure some sort of extra support might need to be going on and that you can't necessarily just stack one right on top of the other. Would this ultimately be the better way to go if possible?

Anyone have anything helpful they might offer?

Thanks in advance.

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