Help me choose a shower door handle?

kmcgNovember 14, 2012

Hi all,

For our frameless glass shower, I get to choose between a standard D shaped back to back handle (with or without washers), and a Victorian one, pictured. Our house is Victorian/Edwardian, and the bathroom is fairly traditional in style. Fixtures are chrome with a sort of turned handle look that goes with the Victorian handle. Is this a no-brainer? My only concern is that I don't want something that will look trendy or dated in a few years, or that will look overly fussy. What do you think?

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Yes, it would be a no brainer as far as I'm concerned. That is a nice looking handle and, from your description, I'd say it would complement the style of your room beautifully. I wouldn't worry about it looking dated at all.

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Thanks treasuretheday! I am so far beyond decision fatigue that it helps to have a second look even at these little decisions!

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I agree as well, the standard "c" pull looks very modern in my opinion.

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You could go a little more linear. I used all Kohler Pinstripe Pure for my tub filler and knobs, faucets, shower head and trim, and valve trim, and I used the Pinstripe shower door handle, too. I bought it on Amazon to save some money (it was still pricey at $220). It's a little large (which is why I attached some pictures for scale), but I still love it.

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That looks so good with your Kohler pinstripe fixtures! I love the length and the faceted handle. But I'm trying to limit my looking to the 2 choices included with my shower glass quote, so it's basically Victorian or plain. And actually, my Hansgrohe fixtures are pretty rounded in shape, similar to the Victorian handle. So I think the coordination would be good.

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Then go with it. You could always change it. It'll be better than the standard pull for sure.

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What is the style of the other fixtures in your bathroom? I would try to match that. But I do like the victorian :-) assuming it goes with what you have.

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phyll - the other fixtures are Hansgrohe Retroactiv - basically old-timey looking, so they go better with the Victorian pull. I went ahead and ordered that one. Pictures will be posted ... eventually!

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Kevin, your bathroom is so beautiful. What a smart idea to do the black stone around the edge of the door's opening in your shower. I wish I thought to do that.

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