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palimpsestNovember 6, 2011

I have a relatively new, (2 y.o.) bathroom that is is pristine condition. There is no window and the fan is adequate. We completely dry the tile in the tub surround after each use with a towel. (The installers came back for something else a year later and I heard them say it was the newest-looking cleanest bathroom they had seen).

The caulk gets weird in two spots. The front corner of the tub for about an inch in each direction and about mid tub. Its like it stretches or wears a bit in that area and then mildews right there, no where else. The rest stays perfect.

The house is very old and has a certain amount of movement.

Anyway, we Hate these two grey spots that crop up every 9 months or so. And, the house is on the market.

My next house needs two new bathrooms. One is brand new but the workmanship is so horrible and sub code (Shower tile right on green board) that I asked if they would stop putting it in when I made the offer. They finished it but I am not sure it will last the renters who are in it now :/

Anyway, have you used this stuff instead of having a caulk line around a tub? It looks a bit clumsy and commercial to me but I am currently annoyed with caulk. Does mildew form at the edge of this?

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You still need to caulk the tile into the dilex and then the dilex into the tub. To me, dilex is useless.

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Thats what I was wondering. I guess this would be for joints with more movement potential. I just wish there was a way to get around caulk. I *think in a shower, with coved tile, you could, possibly, because getting the joint onto the floor seems to eliminate separation? Our 42 year old bathrooms with tiled cove with tiled floors abutting that have no cracking or separation at all. However those are also like materials. I don't see how to get around it on a tub.

What about the metal pieces they show around their shower floors/linear drains?

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Same here, I've never used it. I haven't used their termination/transition strips much either.

Your weird looking caulk locations...the corners I could see. But is there anything on the wall above the little section of funky-looking caulk at the mid-point on the wall? A soap dish for example? Anything that might hold or funnel water down the wall in that area?

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I think it has to do with the trajectory of the shower head and where we tend to stand, nothing more interesting that that. Compared to what I have seen (and smelled..mildew) looking at other houses on the market, its nothing. But it bugs me that we hand dry after each use and it still happens eventually. The hand drying takes but a minute, and the shower never needs to be scrubbed, but those two grey areas irk me.

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