Sanijet tub

McNoviaNovember 16, 2011

Hello, We are thinking about getting a sanijet tub--either the 710 or the 320-3260 (these seem to be the only options for our space). Has anyone use either of these? I am wondering what the differences are-ie why is one 2k more than the other???? The tub is also our shower--so am interested in how they compare with daily shower usage in mind. Any thoughts good or bad will be greatly appreciated!

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I had one and I liked it okay. I now have a vitabath and I like it but the quality isn't as high as Sanijet. I think if you do a search, there is a thread about this and maybe more info for you...

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I have a sanijet and love it. I think you might be comparing one of the 6 jet elite models on the 710 with the 6 jet essential on the 320-3260. It is really confusing to figure out at first. One has programmable controls, the other just has a timer. The 320-3260 also comes in 4 jet versions of both. The 710 only has 2 versions to chose from 4 or 6 jet. Hope that helps.

Mine is a stand alone so cannot answer the shower question. Some of them have contoured bottoms, so I'd make sure yours doesn't.

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Check out the thread started by kmarcel for shower/airtub issues.

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I'm also looking at the 320. I contacted Sanijet and asked specifically about using it as a shower/tub and I was told it wasn't a problem. Apparently, the 320 was designed to replace an existing tub. Our reno has been put off until spring so I haven't done much more than watch their website for sales.

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I have had a Sanijet for 10 years. No problems at all & I am happy with it. You should take out the jets at least twice a year for disassembly and cleaning. This is not a quick job. I have yet to find a quick method. I soak them in PineSol & use a toothbrush, sponge, and Qtips for small crevices. It took me almost 15 min per jet to thoroughly clean them. I would like to hear how others are cleaning their jets. This tub is still the most sanitary of jetted tubs.

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Hi MississippiRose - I am trying to get a sense of how strong the jets are for the Sanijet. Can you comment on that? Thanks!

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