Silicone caulk

LesliePNovember 3, 2011

Our bathroom caulking around the tub has turned yellow and is coming loose in one corner. The caulk was clear which I liked. What caulk should I use? This is a small bathroom that was completely redone three years ago.

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Use clear, non-yellowing silicone designed for bath and kitchen applications, that is mold resistant.
First strip away all old caulk. A razor blade usually works best. Clean the area with mineral spirits and let dry.
Use painter's tape to tape off areas where you don't want the caulk and to give you a clean line. Apply the bead of caulk and use a small piece of foil or waxed paper or plastic wrapped around your finger to smooth the bead. Silicone is not water-soluable, so don't use your bare finger unless you don't mind cleaning the mess off. Pull off the tape.
Clean up with mineral spirits if necessary.

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I'd add that sometimes silicone caulk can form a skin very quickly so don't wait to smooth it or pull the tape. It can also be very sticky so to reduce mess, use a thin bead. Also, if you're building up much material under your finger while smoothing, you've probably laid down too thick a bead; stop before you get the build-up and clean your finger before proceeding. Not sure but different manufacturers/products will probably have different properties; age of the tube can be a fctor too - this stuff does have a shelf life and should be dated. (The stuff I used did.)

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