Stucco help needed!

DSK1967September 25, 2012


We live in NJ and are currently framing our new construction.

Our plans call for stucco (many houses in the area with stucco siding).

Framing and roof sb done in another 2 weeks. My question is ... is it realistic to expect them to be able to put up the stucco in the mid-fall? Is it impacted by weather, temperature?

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!


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Best conditions for stucco are damp/humid (not wet), overcast days with temperatures in the 60s.

If it's dry, hot and sunny, it'll lose moisture and won't cure properly and crack a lot.

If it's rainy while the stucco is still soft, it'll ruin the finish (but if it's rainy after a few hours of placement, it's beneficial because it helps curing).

If it's freezing, it won't cure and may never cure.

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