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goodgraciousNovember 4, 2012

I posted entire plan for our soon to be built house on 'Building Forum' and got lots of good feedback for the overall project. But I don't know where to go with this master bath. Someone suggested I post to this forum for some advice. This is the space I am left with for a bath, which seems like a decent size but I am not certain I am using the space wisely. Everything is moveable except windows. Door can be anywhere along wall. We would like a separate shower and tub and we are okay with one sink and I would love to include a small makeup area to sit at. I would appreciate help from anyone willing to make suggestions. This layout is similar to the idea house we toured so I am having trouble seeing it any other way...Thanks!

(If you want to see room in relation to rest of house, I am "Need help with layout, please" in Building forum.

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The door and the closet interfere with each other. If someone is in the closet then another inters there is a problem. Put a pocket door in as the enrty. Many have and love them.

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I think for a master I would want a bigger vanity.
It looks like you have plenty of room to make it wider.

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I agree with barbollins that for a master, I'd want a bigger vanity. Additionally, that shower look really small. From the drawing it looks only 2' deep? Personally, I would try to follow enduring's suggestion and make the entry door a pocket door and place it directly across from the window. I would probably elminate the closet altogether and have the shower take up that entire wall and run all the way to the window (so maybe 3'x7'?). I would extend the sink vanity and try to accommodate two sinks if possible or just a single sink with a nice long run of counter. For a seated makeup area, perhaps you could add it to the longer run of vanity (if you did a single sink) or maybe you could make a small counter run across from the vanity. I don't think it would need to be a full 24" deep, maybe just 18-20".

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Thanks pricklypearcactus, those are good ideas. I think eliminating the closet is going to help. I wouldn't have thought to do that. Someone pointed out that the space between the sink/vanity and windows/wall is really wasted space, sufficient for a walkway, but just a little too small to use it for anything. I think if I steal 1' of space from the bedroom I would be able to widen the room and add a makeup area. I would use your suggestion to make it approx 20" deep and still have room to walk. I may add shelving at one end of the tub to gain back some storage I eliminated with the closet. What do you think?

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Here are some guidelines to layout that I had found helpful in planning my bathroom remodel. In the Bath section it is the 10th article down. Lots of good reading with all of these articles.

Here is a link that might be useful: list of articles

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You have decent space but you are limited by the windows and shape.

A few comments that will mirror some of what has already been said:

You have a very large tub, even oversized tub, at 84". That's fine if that is indeed what you are looking for. But it's way out of balance with a miniscule 24" deep shower that doesn't even meet code. A shower has to be a minimum of 30" square.

I left the shower where it is, but increased the size. I didn't dimension it out, but you could possibly fit a 42" deep by 48" wide shower in that space. If not, then a 42" wide by 36" deep shower would fit.

I moved the toilet to behind the door. The width of the toilet, from left-to-right when you are sitting on the toilet, needs to be a minimum of 30" wide (15" from toilet centerline to each side wall). 36" is better, and 36" still leaves you with a 48" wide shower.

I moved the closet between the vanity and the tub. That could be desired in terms of providing a little bit of closure for the tub, or you might find that constricting. More on that later.

I added a makeup vanity between the windows on the south wall. It's not as deep as a typical vanity to prevent it from eating up floor space. But it is wide.

I tried to keep a little symmetry between the south windows, the makeup space between those windows, and the double sink vanity on the north wall.

Here's a quick and dirty shuffle...

If you find the verticalness of a floor-to-ceiling closet right next to the tub constricting, you could eliminate the closet where I have it. Extend the double-sink vanity all the way to the right, over to the tub. That would give you a vanity long enough for two sinks plus a makeup center. Then the makeup center that I drew on the south wall between the windows could be a shallow closet-type of storage area.

I did have an alternative plan to center the entry door on the north wall, but I don't have time to do a quick and dirty drawing of that. I'm not certain of the left side of the room for a plan like that, mainly due to shower access, but here is the basic idea:

For that, I'd move the shower up to the northwest corner of the room. Might have to be a neo- or corner-entry shower, but I'd have to draw it out to see. Move the toilet to the southwest corner. I'd leave the tub where it is. I'd split the single vanity in two, both still on the north wall, but one on each side of the door. Keep the makeup area where I have it.

Anyhow, just a few ideas. Time for me to go weather in a roof before the rain and winds start up tomorrow...

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Another alternative on mongo's layout would be to extend the vanity (as he mentioned) all the way to the tub and use part of that as your makeup area. If you wanted to retain some linen storage, you could make a very shallow linen closet out of cabinetry between the two windows. I personally sort of like the idea of the toilet behind the door. It keeps it from being visible on first walking into the bathroom.

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mongoct's the split vanity with the corner shower...

With the long wall being 19' and the door roughly taking up 3' of wall, that leaves you 8' of wall on either side of the door.

With a 42" by 42" corner shower on the west wall and a 42" by 84" tub on the east wall, you can have a roughly 54" wide vanity on either side of the door, and that is a fairly spacious vanity for a single bowl. Between those two vanities and the makeup center, you should have enough storage to compensate for the displaced closet. If you wanted more storage, you could add a wall cabinet above the toilet.

Depends on how things appeal to you. Probably a larger negative in this one is that the toilet is more exposed. A water closet could be done, but things would have to be shuffled around and it would really pinch the footprint. The code minimum size for a water closet is 30" by 60" with an outward opening door.

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Maybe put in some between-the-studs shelving during construction, for more storage? Just my 2 cents.....

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Now here's the minimalist version in terms of changes. Moving plumbing, especially a toilet, can be expensive. So the toilet is back in its original location. Ignore the wall between the toilet and the tub, that should be just like in your original version, with the wall instead between the toilet and the vanity.

No real changes, just tweaks.

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