who is liking their wolf convection steam oven?

sue2012October 21, 2012

Any suggestions or recipes ?

Anything that was an aha moment?

What not to do?

I am going to be experimenting with this soon.


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Hello Sue2012, I just had a wolf steam oven installed a few weeks ago. So far, I love it. I do find the directions and sample recipes to be lacking. I think that more detail regarding the different settings is needed.

I have steamed/cooked cinnamon rolls - using the rolls setting. So far I have steamed tortillas, hot dogs, shrimp and yellow squash. They all turned out great.

The slow roast feature is great too. I cooked a pork tenderloin using this. It was perfect. I rubbed a little oil on the surface and it was nicely browned. I have a turkey breast cooking as we speak.

I would love to see some recipes from others.

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Hi bbmd,
Thanks for the response.
Is the slow roast like a crockpot?
I agree that the directions are a little vague.
They have updated their web site though.
I am hoping they will keep adding to it.
Please let me know how your turkey turned out and on what mode did you cook it on.
Thanks again.

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Please keep us informed. i am getting mine this week and hopefully i will have time to install this weekend. i wish there was a website that had recipes and instructions for this oven. i have a miele steam oven in another house and only use it for veggies. to small for anything else.

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This is so exciting! I will be following this post closely. My Wolf steam/convection oven won't be delivered until our project is complete which is looking like next April!

Have fun with your new appliance.

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The Slow Roast is similar to a crock pot. You put the temp probe in your meat, stick it in the cold oven and choose Slow Roast. It then gives you a list of different meat choices. Surprisingly, there was not an option for turkey or poultry, but the last option was called "Individual Roast". If you choose this then you can select your desired probe temp. I chose 170 degrees. If you hit the TIME button, you can select your desired cook time. The range is between 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours. I chose 3 1/2 hours. I also put some stuffing under the turkey breast. When the breast was done, it was only slightly brown, so I switched to convection bake at 375. In about 3 or 4 minutes it was nicely browned. It was perfectly moist and devoured by DH and sons.

The sales rep at my local appliance store went to a product demonstration. Here's what she said:

"They put an 18lb turkey in it. They cooked a tray that contained halibut, shrimp, broccoli, asparagus, hot dogs all on one tray in about 10 min no preheating and flavor transfer between foods. Ice cream wrapped in phillo dough. The dough came out crispy and the ice cream was not melted!!"

I also just found this quick reference guide on the wolf website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Wolf Convection Steam Oven Reference Guide

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i thought i saw on a web site that you can hard boil eggs in the carton in the steam oven. has anyone tried this? and what settings.

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Interesting. I posted several lengthy responses to a thread started by a Wolf factory rep, and now it seems the entire thread has disappeared. I gave numerous descriptions of using my wolf convection steam. I spent a lot of effort on it and now it's all gone.

Has anyone seen response from Wolf on any of these threads?

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I'm going to take a guess that Gardenweb considered it advertising. After reading your post I went back and found another thread that the rep Jamie had posted in, and all of his posts are gone.

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i was wondering the same thing. keep looking for it and can't find it.

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So, gin_gin, you saw my posts??

Everyone else's posts are still here and only mine are gone. I said many good things about the wolf and a couple of critical things. I can't only be led to believe they didn't like what I said and had them deleted! Incredible.

This is my last post.

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kmccall, I'm not sure if I saw your deleted posts or not, I was referring to your post above mine on Jan 31st. They deleted all of the Wolf rep's posts, maybe yours were deleted by accident along with his. You could try contacting Gardenweb and ask them. I understand being frustrated that your posts were deleted, but don't run off because of it.

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I like my Wolf Steam and Convection Oven but it is very hard to figure out. I wish they had better instructions on how to do settings on your own and more recipes with instructions so that I can get used to it.
Meile has so many recipes but their oven is only steam so they don't really incorporate the convection oven in them.
I am very disappointed in Wolf for such an expensive oven and dinky instructions and recipes. My $40 crockpot has better instructions and 4 times the recipes than my $3K Wolf oven!

I want to bake bread in it and it says nothing of what to do or settings. I am having to go to other manufacturers for their recipes and directions. I should have bought their ovens I guess instead. I have a wonderful product and don't want to ruin a whole dinner testing for the next month to get used to it.

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for bread nothing compares to it. what kind of bread are you trying to make? let me know and i can help you out.

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I would love any recipes for the steam oven.

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Thank you to all who have given their comments to how to use the Wolf Steam/Convection Oven. I really appreciate them all. I did chicken last night using the steam/convection setting and it turned out perfect. Crisp on the outside and tender juicy inside. Now I understand a little more what that setting is used for.

Wolf has a little help in their user manual, but doesn't give a break down of the uses for each of their settings and temperature etc. except one small paragraph and one recipe for an example to use and try.
It would sure help for more explanation of these operations and what works best for this or that setting,
at what temp is best to cook this or that using each setting.
What is the difference between the Convection Humid or Convection Steam exactly and why.
On their Auto Steam Bake section, they have a No-Knead Bread recipe that says to put the temperature at 425 degrees F. for 20 minutes. I have never baked bread at this high temp before and am afraid to do so. I guess I will try this recipe and maybe it will be amazing.
With all the comments and help I have received, I feel less intimidated to experiment and I think I understand more now. I was so excited to put this oven in our kitchen and I want to be thankful we did. With practice and use, I think it will earn a high mark in time. Maybe Wolf will come out with some better charts in the mean time for others like me that need that extra help with time, temperature and setting and explaining why and what the oven is doing in these settings so that my experiments will more fun and less intimidating. If I understand the workings then I can have fun to play around with it and make my own recipes etc.

The Wolf Steam/Convection Oven is beautiful and I love the size, water tank that can be removed and extremely easy cleanup and very well quality built. It is just missing a really great manual and recipe book with it. On a scale of 1-10 I would say the manual you get is a 5 and for such a nice high end oven, it should be at least a 9.

Thank you all for your help it really did help!

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I can't answer all your questions, but one of them at least. The difference between the Convc. Humid and Convc. Steam is that Convc. humid does not add any steam it just doesn't allow any to escape either so it traps any moisture that is in the oven from cooking inside the entire time, or at least that is how I understand it.

The Convc. Steam actually adds moisture in the form of steam to the oven while cooking.

Hope that helps a bit. We just started using ours as our remodel just finished just before XMAS so we are still learning as we go as well.

Don't be afraid to experiment, just don't do it with large amounts of things, start small, see how things go, learn as you go, just don't make it an entire meal. Use the recipes in the manual, they are always a good starting point, and don't question them until after you try them, they have been tested by Wolf so you know they will work.

Also, if you are close to a Wolf showroom they offer a cooking demo where you can go and get a great meal and then ask questions you have about your oven.


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k4now, yes there is a need for more recipes and information on combos. Also, it would be nice if the different manufacturers used the same lingo - Gagg has 2 controls 1 for steam, ( 0%,30%, 60% 80% and 100% IIRC ) and another dial to set the electric element heat . The 0% means any moisture generated during cooking is vented, 30% means any moisture generated from the cooking process stays inside, and the higher numbers indicate steam actually being introduced into the cooking chamber. Other manufacturers have similar settings using different terms - most confusing IMHO is Viking which has a setting they call TruSteam - which is actually the 30% , no steam being added. As a result, it is tough to use recipes distributed by one manufacturer unless you determine what they mean by their different settings, As to baking bread, it is not uncommon to start with high heat, some of the recipes go even higher than that - for example Jason's :Quick Ciabatta starts at 500. BTW, I don't use the mixing method in that recipe and use an autolyse instead.

Here is a link that might be useful: jason's quick ciabatta

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i bake all my bread at 425. if you make sourdough nothing beats a combi oven. definitely must autolyse.

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Does the door and handle get hot during and after cooking? The Miele states there's does not. Ordering appliances on Monday

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do you mean the outside? if so not hot at all. really going to be nice when they make a cookbook for it though

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I'm a bit late on this response but for those of you still doing research on the Wolf Steam Oven, I give it 2 thumbs up. We just finished the kitchen remodel in mid- April - originally purchased the steam oven for bread baking. We are surprising ourselves by using it for almost every dinner (for something). Eg. Fresh Salmon: season, spray top with a little olive oil spray, place on parchment on solid pan skin down in the oven bottom rack, set it for "steam/convection" at 400 degrees, let the steam roll until it reaches 400, then press "mode" and it turns the steam off (about 6 or so minutes). Depending on thickness , continue baking for about 6 to 8 minutes. It's perfect.
Another awesome salmon recipe is Mustard Salmon: Sauce: 2 T + 1 t vinegar, 2 t ground mustard, 2 T Dijon mustard, 1/3 C extra virgin olive oil, 2 T sugar or substitute -- mix together and refrigerate for 1/2 hour or more. Salmon (4, 6 oz fillets): generously coat with salt, pepper and thyme as well as 1 T sauce on each fillet, top with panko, bread crumbs or almond meal -- the lemon pepper panko is really good on this. Spray top with olive oil spray. Bake on convection steam 400 degrees. Turn steam off after 5 minutes. Continue baking for 13 to 15 minutes. Should be golden brown on top. Serve with remaining sauce.
Also, chicken is really easy doing the same thing (assuming skin on breasts with the temperature at 390), cook for about 30 to 35 min total -- my husband rants about this chicken; so moist but crisp on the outside. I've also used the probe to cook chicken but the steam makes it much more juicy.
I agree with the earlier post on slow roast. For those with limited time, grab a garlic pork tenderloin from Trader Joes, stick in the oven and set the time for when you want to eat and believe me it is a crowd pleaser.
I also agree the recipes are really lacking but as others have posted, once you start experimenting, it is pretty intuitive. I'm not sure if this helps anyone.... but since I depended so much on everyone's postings to make my decision, I thought I'd "give back"!!

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Hi nw,

Just got my Wolf combi steam installed and haven't turned it on yet. On the chicken recipe how many minutes with steam/convection before turning the steam off?

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MJOCEAN, I have one of these and I personally just do the following for chicken and it turns out great, though I can't say it is crispy if that is what you are looking for.

I use the "mode" button to get to "Convection Steam" and then I insert the temp probe in to the chicken and then in to the unit. Next hit the "TEMP" button and I set mine for 160F for the probe temperature, and if you hit "TEMP" again it will show you the cooking temp, I leave mine at 350, but you can change that around.

Then just let it do its thing, it will add in the right amount of steam and will cook the chicken until the temp probe read 160F. I usually then hit the "OFF" button and let it sit with the door shut for about 5 minute, both to let the meat rest and to let the excess steam/water get pumped off by the unit.

During the resting the temp will come up to 165F which is fully cooked chicken.

This has been the most moist chicken breast I have ever had.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Phil,

It sounds yummy. I will try that this week-end. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

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Obviously season the chicken to your liking, but that temp probe is just great for cooking it to the right temp.

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I love mine. I've been using it for about a week. Tonight I prepared winter squash and it is a guessing game so I'm looking for resources too. The PDF with foods, settings and times is helpful, but with some theory, I would not be using the pears poached in red wine to prepare the squash. Anyone find resources yet?

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I love mine. I've been using it for about a week. Tonight I prepared winter squash and it is a guessing game so I'm looking for resources too. The PDF with foods, settings and times is helpful, but with some theory, I would not be using the pears poached in red wine to prepare the squash. Anyone find resources yet?

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I haven't looked for resources in a while. I'm surprised that Wolf hasn't come up with some better guidelines. It has been mostly trial and error, with very few errors. Whatever I guess seems to work out fine. In general if using it as convection decrease temp by 25 degrees and usually shorten cook time by 10%. It's very fast.
For Turkey--last year I cooked a 17 lb unstuffed turkey @355 Convection Steam. I placed it on the perforated pan (rack 2 position) with chopped vegetables on the pan below. I used the temp probe set to 170. It was perfect in 70 minutes!
For Sweet Potatoes - I cooked on steam @ 210 for about 1 hour - they peel easily after letting them cool.
When using steam don't be afraid to cook different items together. For example I steamed hot dogs, buns & fresh broccoli (my kids dinner) for 10 minutes. There is no flavor transfer. I frequently steam fish & vegetables simultaneously.
I hope these tidbits are helpful.

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We're doing a complete remodel and was planning on getting a 36" Wolf rangetop with double L or E series wall ovens. The salesperson is pushing the full range with gas-only oven, and the combi steam unit. I'm sure that I will like it, but worried about the size when it comes to holidays and entertaining. Can anyone please help? Have you been able to prepare for 15-20 people? Thank you!

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Which size are you thinking of for the steam oven? They have a 30" coming out in a few months. http://newgeneration.subzero-wolf.com/product-availability/convection-steam-ovens#filters
I am waiting for it. It looks like it will be able to replace one of my ovens.

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OrchidSlayer, thank you so much for the response. I just went on the subzero-wolf site, and the interior dimensions are exactly the same. Only the trim size is larger, I assume so it can be flush with the 30" ovens. Bummer.

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I was looking through miele recipes for their combo-steam to use on my new wolfâ¦It seems that with Miele you can choose 2 or 3 settings that will go one after another? So, for example, you can set for steam for 20 minutes and then convection for 10 minutes? Am i correct?

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In my kitchen I have a GE 36 in induction cooktop, the Wolf steam oven under the counter in my island. On another wall I have the GE Speed Cook/Microwave Oven and a single GE convection wall oven. I use the steam oven the most, even without steam. I have cooked a 17lb turkey in it. I'm not sure if I could have fit a bigger bird in there. Most standard cookie sheets fit in there, as well as 1 or 2 9x13 casseroles. The convection power is great! Using multiple racks works very well. It heats up so quickly that I prefer it over my standard wall oven. It can also function as a warmer with or without steam or humidity. I don't typically cook for crowds of 15 - 20, so I am not sure if it would fit your needs. I will say, I have never felt it needed to be bigger. I hope that helps.

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I came across this cookbook from a company called V-Zug. It looks like Wolf is buying its steam ovens from V-Zug, as all the modes and icons are exactly the same. This book even has the recipe for the puff pastry wrapped ice cream that Wolf has served at its demos. There are also lots of videos on youtube that you can find by searching "V-Zug combo steamer".

To anyone who has this oven...was it made in Switzerland or in the USA?

Here is a link that might be useful: Recipe Book

This post was edited by mpatel1080 on Mon, Apr 28, 14 at 16:41

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I have been using my Wolf combi/steam for a month or so now and really like it. Starting to think about Thanksgiving now, and wondering what will work and not work in it. Has anyone tried to make stuffing? Will the bread cubes brown and dry out, or will the steam make them soggy?

Also, has any one else had issue with mildew? I find that if I don't keep the door open overnight after using it, that the smells from whatever we cooked stays in there.

Thanks for any and all feedback.

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I keep my CSO oven door open about 10-30 minutes after use, give it a quick wipe and then close it. I have never had a smell of any kind in it, not sure why you have to leave it open for so long.


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