Nozzle placement questions

zagyzebraNovember 25, 2013

I'm embarking on a complete rebuild of my bathroom. The steam shower will be located in a semi-circular room (inside a turret). The whole shower will be carrarra marble. The bench will be on the curved wall; the shower heads on the flat opposite wall. The question is whether or not to put a shower spray nozzle over the bench on the curved wall. To me, the curved marble wall is a thing of beauty, and to put a shower nozzle in the middle of it would ruin the clean and elegant beauty of the wall. And yet, this is a logical place to cool down with a spray when the steam gets hot. On the other hand, why not just get up and step across to the shower fixtures on the opposite wall and hose down there.

How do most people do this? Would I be missing out by not putting a spray nozzle over the bench in the steam shower?

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Sophie Wheeler

Hand shower at the bench. With it's own control.

But no natural stone in a steam shower. It's too porous and will have issues, including rusting. Only completely non porous materials are suitable for a steam shower, and it has to be vaporproofed 360. Not just waterproofed. Maybe a marble lookalike in porcelain would work for you. Porcelain works in a steam shower.

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Where do people generally locate the nozzle at the bench? You would think the plumber would know, but evidently he doesn't. And neither do I.

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