Starting over after 5 years

mmksSeptember 20, 2012

I was a steady lurker sometimes poster here 5 years ago when we built our new home. A month ago we had a house fire that started from an electrical problem in the attic area above the garage. We all got out, including our pets, and we got many of the pictures and such so we are very lucky! But now we are back down to a bare foundation, they are coming out to check that and make sure it is okay. I know we are using the same basic floor plan, but was wondering if you could help me out on what is new and exciting in the past 5 years! I know this is very broad, but I would appreciate your help.

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I don't have much in the way of exciting design trends, but I am sure am glad no people were hurt. Very sorry about the loss of your house. Perhaps the silver lining is you can have a chance to remedy a few of the "nagging" things that bugged you with the original design!

I'm very traditional and classic, so my tendency is to use those type design elements and finishes to avoid being caught up in "trends" that will change again in 5 years. Best of luck in rebuilding....

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We have survived two fires, one at our home in the 70s and one in an apt. where we lived as we rebuilt. Certainly gives you a new perspective on the value of "things."

You know the things you loved about your house, and the things that you would have changed a bit. Here's your chance.

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Annie Deighnaugh

It's an opportunity to build green if you didn't the first time...put money into insulation, windows, geothermal or whatever else might work in your area, active solar, passive solar, tankless hot water, etc. etc.

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I am glad everyone is ok. Maybe you could post a plan and let us know what are some of your wishes.

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