Controlling spam in Hotmail-had forgotten how to.

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaSeptember 14, 2012

Some time ago, I managed to get emails with the subject line containing such words as v*agra, enlargement, increase, enlargement, replica, aarp, financial, etc, automatically deleted without even showing up in my Deleted Folder.

Recently I've been bothered by spam for 'insurance' and 'singles'...grrrr.

OK, it came back to me how to block them.

In Hotmail in the upper right hand corner..Options and then from the dropdown choose More Options.

Then Rules for sorting new messages

then NEW

From the dropdown box choose Subject

In the second dropdown box choose contains word

In the 3rd box fill in whatever word or words you want, ie v*iagra, replica, enlargement, etc

Step 2 choose Delete these messages-don't even put them in my Deleted folder

Then.......lastly SAVE

Your new rule might look like...

Subject contains (or contains word) v*iagra more of those spams. It seems to take a bit (not sure how long) before the rule works. It isn't instantly, (maybe has to cycle through Hotmail?) but will eventually get the v*iagra spams stopped.

Did you know that you can't post the actual v*iagra word here on GW? It seems to be filtered, much like some obscene words.


Oh...For those who use something other than Hotmail, does your email have a way to block all specific spam? Does Yahoo email?

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I use Windows Live Mail that gets my server mail. There are 2 ways to block it in there.

I maybe get one spam a year, it usually something I have done to receive it. It is not because I blocked it. A tech from my server told me to make a unique email address and it will stop most spam. He said he didn't get any spam. A lot of people say this doesn't work but it does for me. I make an addy that only makes sense to me using an old street address number mixed in with my initials alternating numbers and letters.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I maybe get one spam a year, it usually something I have done to receive it.
I must have done something recently to trigger the insurance and 'singles' spam, but I sure didn't fill anything out and give my email addy. I just blocked 'singles' and 'term life insurance' since I didn't want to block all emails with 'insurance' in the subject line. I might have to do some additionally word blocking before I get the spam stopped.

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I join sites every once in awhile to get in on discussions. If you join the wrong one you have can have a problem. Legitimate sites will unsubscribe you. With windows live mail I can bounce the mail back to the sender and that works. I had one very mad person, but if they can't be nice they are not allowed to mail me. LOL

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If it's spam that you're bouncing odds are that it isn't going back to the spammer, it's going to the person whose email address he is spoofing. If it does go back to the spammer it just lets him know that he's got a good address.
Here's some food for thought.

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Bob, I don't know how it works for sure except when I bounced it back to the person who I blocked it did work. I must be doing something right because I don't really get any spam and people that sends me forwards are told right off to use BCC.

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