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b3nmanNovember 6, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Please have a look at the master bathroom plan for the house i'm currently building for my wife and I. We really would like a double vanity (40" wide from Ikea) but we are having trouble with the awkward situation our shower is in. We could make it the entire width of the room (over 7') but it seems like a poor use of space. I have a 5' shower in the picture attached.

Any ideas on how to use the space better? Storage in the shower? A bench? Any ideas would be great!



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Could you put the toilet where the shower is? That would screen it a little bit from the door and you could then have a 60" double vanity. 40" seems a little "cozy."

Put the shower in the corner opposite the toilet and then have some storage at the end of the shower, across from the vanity?

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I would put the toilet beside the shower. You could either have a solid wall or even pony wall built between toilet and shower...though we have toilet beside shower in our guest bath with glass wall and like the extra light. That gives you room to have two vanities. I would much rather have some counter space than two sinks on a 40" vanity, but this way you could each have your own vanity and your own sink.

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There seems to be some extra space in the utility room, can you add some length to your BR by moving the wall down a foot or 2? The spot next to the shower, as it is now, is too narrow to move the toilet in there. Even if it was wide enough you'd have to have a small vanity to get around the edge and over to the toilet.

Can you move your washer dryer stack over to the outside wall?

Can you have a smaller thing that is next to the w/D?

What is a PT, ERV?

I am thinking the WH is a water heater. If you went tankless you could get by with a lot less space. If you had a tankless it would be nice to have that against the outside wall too for venting purposes.

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Enduring - ERV is Energy Recovery Ventilation. I think the PT is probably a Pressure Tank because they are on a well.

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Thanks Dekeoboe :)

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I am not bothered by seeing the toilet through the open door, so I would not move it. Given where your window is located, the shower is in a good place. My suggestions use the floor plan that you gave us.

The 40" vanity can work, but you might want to try this to give yourself some counter space: do one sink, not two. Make it a long sink, though, a narrow trough sink. Situate it toward the front of the vanity so that you have more open counter behind the sink. Then, in order for two people to use the space at the same time, do two faucets going into the sink. That way, you can be shaving and she can use her own faucet for her water needs without interrupting you. To save counter space, you can consider having the faucets come out of the wall, instead of rising up from the counter deck.

In my plan, I am using a 42" vanity with an old-fashioned 36" institutional sink that has its own backsplash. The two faucets are in the backsplash. My sink is 18" deep, so I will have a ledge behind the backsplash that is 8" deep. I am setting the sink forward in the vanity so that the front 2" sit "proud" of the vanity and the painted "belly" of the sink will protrude out the front of the vanity. Here is a picture of one with a vanity that is not as deep as I am planning. This may be a longer version of the Kohler Brockway sink. They also come 48" with two faucets and 5' and 6' with three faucets.

Calgary Bath

Here is a more modern trough sink with two faucets:

Contemporary Sink, Two Wall Faucets

And another:
Small Corian Sink with Deck Faucets

My other suggestion for you is about the space next to the shower. One idea is to put towel hooks or a heated towel rack on the wall. If your family uses a bathroom scale to watch weight, this nook is a great place to set it on the floor. You may need to slide it out a bit to use it, then slide it back.

Another use for this space is to put a closet space on the back wall. I would make it no more than one foot deep, since a lot of the things we store in the bath are small items like bandaids and tubes of tanning lotion. Or you could put a two-part cabinet there, with deep drawers at the bottom for towels and such, then have doors above, not as deep. A high toe-kick on the cabinet would leave room to scoot that scale under it.

If your wife wears make-up or spends time with hair styling, you could put a little vanity table in that space, with a skinny tower for storage to one side. Make the bottom of the tower be a "garage" area, and put an electric outlet inside and she can leave hair dryer and curling iron there and just slide the roll-top down to hide them. Then drawers above the garage can hold cosmetics and other bathroom stuff like those bandaids.

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Thanks for all the tips! The rough plumbing is already in so i'll have to deal with what I got!

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