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not2brightSeptember 19, 2010


Quick question: what is the best (free, on or off-line) keylogger detector ? Is it MBAM or something else ? (I have no reason to think I have one; I'm just being cautious.) :-)

Thanks !

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Keyloggers are spyware. Keyloggers are very small, almost unnoticeable applications. After sneaking onto a computer they record anything from keystroke to clicking patterns and then send the information back to a host computer. Not all keyloggers are bad. While a keylogger generally refers to a malicious piece of software, many parents use similar applications to monitor and protect their children on the Internet. Malicious keyloggers are used to collect private information such as bank account passwords, social security numbers and credit card numbers.

I use SuperAntiSpyWare (SASW) along with MBAM. What one doesn't catch...the other will due to the differences in the definition databases. I also have SpywareBlasters installed to prevent Spyware.

Though there are many programs that can detect and prevent keyloggers, I prefer the ones above only because these are the programs used and recommended by the instructors where I am training for the removal of malicious content that is invited onto your computer.

To prevent malicious content from entering your computer make sure that you have a good firewall, Antivirus program, software to properly block Spam from your email account, resisting the temptation to open junk emails, resisting the temptation to click attachments in emails, regardless of how intriguing the subject heading might be, a good pop-up blocker, and selecting new passwords for online accounts, and changing these passwords on a frequent basis.

Self discipline! Key factor to prevention!


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Thanks, bbbluz, for the feedback ! Fortunately, I already have SAS and MBAM and use them, so I guess I'm fully covered as far as that goes. :-)

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Might be interested in a KeyScrambler.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi, mikie

Yes, thanks.

In fact, I had asked about this software here not too long ago, to which you and others responded. As an added layer of security, I just now downloaded it for FF. I figure I'll keep it off and only toggle it on when I need to (like entering username/password stuff). :-)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am assuming you are wanting a program that would detect and remove a keylogger right, if so the above post by Dunkan is NOT appropriate since it is for a keylogger program.

As you can see from this wiki there are numerous types of keylog programs.
Keystroke logging

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Pooh Bear

MBAM = Malware Bytes Anti-Malware ???

A Fluff for Brains bear wants to know.

Pooh Bear

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You have it right PB. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, their presentation not mine, is commonly referred to as MAM or MBAM.


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Pooh Bear

Thanks DA. I downloaded it and SAS.

Pooh Bear

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Your welcome old friend.

If you do not want real-time protection in SAS: Open the interface>Preferences>Real Time Protection tab>be sure the real time protection box is unchecked. You might want to go through all the tabs to configure it to your liking.

Cat pointed me to this application a few years back and I have used it as part of my maintenance ever since.


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I recommend that you download TDSSKIller from the Kaspersky website, linked below. It is an anti-rootkit scanner. It will install a small file to your computer and scanning is very quick, a minute or two.

If you have Avast, run a boot-time scan which scans your hard drive before Windows boots. It is also highly effective.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kaspersky TDSSKiller

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