Beverage/wine fridge? Drawers?

cottonpennyOctober 17, 2012

We just moved in to our new kitchen and love it so far.

We have a little bar area/butler's pantry between the kitchen and dining room that we left unfinished due to accumulating costs. Well, DH has announced he wants to have a Christmas party and wants it finished by then.

So I just ordered my Craft Art walnut top for that area. Will start thinking about the backsplash.

Need something to fill the 24" space between the cabinets designed for a beverage/wine fridge. Though we haven't come close to running out of space in our 36" built-in bottom freezer main fridge yet, I was sort of envisioning this as a secondary fridge for extra storage at parties, etc., rather than just wine. We do drink wine, but tend to buy high quality box wine since it lasts longer so those little wood shelves with the slats wouldn't be much use.

We don't typically store non-perishable beverages in the fridge, like cans or bottles. But maybe we'd do this if we had extra space or if we have a party.

I want quiet - my 42 dB DW is pretty noticeable when it's running IMO since my house is surrounded by woods and has a lot of hard flooring, to give you an idea of my sensitivity.

I'm tempted by the Elux or KA drawers, but $$$. A lot of the beverage fridges seen to have a weird configuration. Is there something else I should look for?

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I love my elux drawers. It is perfect for entertaining-keeps the traffic out of the kitchen/food prep area--but until the company comes, you can keep all the extra produce that you need for the party. We don't drink fancy wines and I'd go stark raving nuts if I had to chill reds to a particular temp and whites also

I love the elux drawers and they were the big splurge-costing abt. $2k. My regular fridge was about $1500 and I am perfectly happy with it.

Drawers are great for kids' stuff, too. Lunches, yogurts, fruits, treats,-if you want your kids to get their own stuff, it's easy. I probably didn't want my kids, at young ages, to get their own stuff.

It keeps dh's cokes chilled and now they don't take up room in the main fridge-and he's not in my way. People always get in my way when they want something out of the fridge but not in the drawers.

Elux advertises it as 6 cubic feet. It is roomy, very.

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