Milk Steamer/Frother - Can You Recommend One?

amck2October 10, 2012

I've owned 2 Keurig milk frothers. I loved this appliance, when it worked. It was a stand-alone unit that provided steamed and frothed milk in the time it took to brew a cup of coffee in my Keurig. Unlike most frothers I've seen, which don't steam the milk, this one didn't cool down our coffee. We also poured a little steamed milk on our steel cut oatmeal each morning, without cooling that down.

I miss my steamer/frother, but I've lost faith in the Keurig model. I thought the first one might have been a "lemon" or that I might not have been as conscientious as I could have been about not letting any residual liquid get into the underside of the cover. I was super careful with the 2nd one and it just died, after about a year's use. Reviews on it pretty much all mirror our experience. Great when it works - but doesn't work for long.

I'm looking for another stand-alone unit that will do what this one did, minus the dying. Do any of you own a good one you'd recommend?

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Tassino makes a great milk frother.

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