Kenmore elite induction stove?

ctbertOctober 11, 2013

Hi everyone. We are looking, at Kenmore elite appliances because of price, good reviews on Consumer reports, especially for Dishwashers.
We are thinking of going with induction because we hate our electric coil top and gas is not available here, Any thoughts on Kenmore induction stove?
Also, what would be advantage/disadvantage of freestanding versus slide in?

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Induction is probably a better choice if you have the budget for it and might be your choice even if you had gas available.

And that leads to a question about which Kenmore induction range?

There are several, and all are made by Electrolux. They are very similar to the ones that Electrolux sells under its Electrolux and Frigidaire brands.

The older and more expensive models have been reviewed and discussed in several threads here as have the Electrolux models. If you have trouble turning them up using gardenweb's search functions, try going out to google/bing/etc. and do a search from there. Include "gardenweb" in your search string.

There is a new and much less expensive Kenmore induction model, the Kenmore Elite 95073, which, at $1350, seems to be the least expensive induction range available in the North American market right now.

It is so new that there do not yet seem to be any reviews. Same thing for the essentially similar Frigidaire "Gallery" FGIF3061NF. The Frigidaire seems to be running around $1450 to $1500.

Some people will like the Frigidaire/Kenmore model because it has rotary knobs rather than digital touchpad controls used on most induction stoves. (Knobs will be fussier to clean but may be much easier to use for setting burner heat levels.)

The Electrolux branded version is the IQ-Touch Series EI30IF40LS. It has more features and runs (I think) about $1800 (delivered) from on-line vendors like AJ Madison, Plesser's and ABT. The additional features in the Elux are:

(a) more steps in the heat settings (the steps at the low end go in increments of .2 at the low end, which can be useful for adjusting pressure cookers, chocolate, and delicate items; most induction ranges use adjustments of .5);

(b) the Elux has a glide-out (roller bearing) oven rack where the Frigidiare and Kenmore have only standard racks;

(c) the Elux has a warming drawer (the Frigidaire does not but the Kenmore might -- download the owner's manual and check);

(d) the Elux has two 7" elements on the left which can be bridged and run together, rather like the "flex zone" on the Samsung NE597/599 NOPBSR induction stoves. ((The Frigidaire and Kenmore have a 7" and 6" burner on the right side which you apparently can span with a griddle but you have to control the heat separately for each burner.)

(e) The Electrolux version probably has more features in its touchpad controls.

Consumer Reports has rated the ovens in the prior Elux and
Kenmore induction ranges as doing a good job with baking and broiling. They use an objective test to determine baking evenness, but they don't explain how much of a difference there is between their good, very good and excellent ratings. (Might be measurable but not very significant; might be significant; we just do not know.) Most reports here on the ovens in the Elux and Kenmore induction ranges have been very positive, much more so than might be thought from the CR ratings,

Potential downside to buying a Kenmore induction range: warranty service from A&E, a Sears subsidiary, and the expense of extended warranties from Sears. A&E service is variable, and has been the subject of a large number of tirades about abysmal and incompetent service. There has been a long running thread here on them.

There have been a number of recent reports here about failing controller boards in Elux-made induction ranges. Apparently, very expensive to replace.

Advantages/disadvantages of freestanding? This has been discussed here before.

Briefly summarized:

One thing to bear in mind is how the range fits up to a wall. IIRC Elux/Kenmore induction slide-in ranges have a bump out in the back. When you put them into an existing counter or island cut-out, the top may not be flush with the back wall and you may need a piece of countertop trim back there to cover the gap.

Slide-ins sometimes have smaller (shallower) ovens.

The cooktop on a slide-in also hangs out to the sides a bit, overlapping the countertop and giving a more finished look.

slide-ins have their controls at the front of the stove which some prefer because you do not have to reach over pots to get to a backsplash as you do with many freestanding stoves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freestanding versus Slide-in

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I have had a Kenmore induction slide in for four years and I love it! The cooktop is absolute dream to cook on. Mine does not have knobs but that would be nice because it gets tedious pushing the button so many times to get the setting you want. Speaking of that --- too many settings is unnecessary and annoying.

I love the burner layout on my stove and that is the most important thing to me. It has the two large burners in the front and hardly ever use small pans.

I also have a warming drawer and I hardly ever remember to use it!

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Thanks for the reply. Did you have to do a fix with th putting countertop in the back of your stove because it doesn't fit flush with the wall?
Also, can you put a pancake griddle across 2 burners?

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Thanks for such an extensive posting. Interesting that Kenmore Elite and Frigidaire are made by Electrolux. Where does one find that type of information?

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I had a slide-in there before this stove -- the stove does not flush with the front of the cabinets like I want it to but I am not doing anything about that.

I have never tried a griddle -- I have an electric plug i one use..

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ctbert --

Sorry I did not see your question sooner.

The Elux/Kenmore induction range link has been known for a long time and has been discussed in postings over several years.

But, where such info is not so readily available on other Kenmore appliances (or others for that matter), you can get a good lead from the Appliance411 site. This page at the site tells you how to decode Kenmore model and serial numbers to find out who made it for sears:

And this page gives a pretty long list of cross references for who actually makes particular brands:

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Looking at the Kenmore Elite slide-in induction range. Does anyone know if it has the same fitting problems as the Electrolux does between frameless cabinets? (30 inch space but needs 32" between doors).

Here is a link that might be useful: discussion of Electrolux slide-in induction range , in frameless cabinets

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