Mirabelle toilets?

klszalNovember 20, 2011

We just purchased a bunch of accessories for our bathroom remodel - faucets, towel bars, etc., from Mirabelle. The salesperson suggested that we get the 'matching' Mirabelle toilet instead of a Toto and said that they were "just the same", that everyone has been copying the Toto technology etc. I love Toto toilets and don't want to get a brand that's going to be terrible - should I just go with the Toto?

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My name is Whitney and I am with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery. I saw your post and wanted to offer a little more information to help with your decision. Mirabelle is a bath and kitchen brand exclusive to our Ferguson showrooms, and is modeled to exacting standards by makers of fine fixtures and accessories in the U.S. and around the world. If you were looking for another brand or something with additional features, Ferguson carries several lines from Kohler that could be a great match with the products you may have already purchased. Let me know if you have any other questions or if you would like more help before making your final selection. Happy remodeling!

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Hi Whitney -

Do you all get additional commissions for selling Mirabelle? I'm working with a Ferguson rep now and can't seem to get them off Mirabelle products....the only reason I can think is bc they get paid more if they sell Mirabelle over Rohl, Kohler, Moen, etc.

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Hi Andi--

Our consultants work with customers individually to find the best product to fit the vision and budget of your project and to match your overall aesthetic. We're thrilled your consultant loves Mirabelle as much as we do, but, as you said, there are many other options and brands in the showroom for you to view and select.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Mirabelle or any other Ferguson products. Thanks!

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Hey Whitney,

I have a question.

Why didn't you answer Andi's question about increased commissions on Mirabellle products? Heck , you didn't even address kszal's orig question about Toto.

I know they taught you at PR school to deflect the tough and negative questions, but this is the wrong forum for window dressing.

Of all the wonderful brands you carry is Toto one of them ? Why is that ? They sell a LOT of toilets and. "could be a great match with the products you may have already purchased." They are also " in the U.S. and around the world."

When'll actually just the USA and Japan. Sounds like your Mirabelles are made around the world by the lowest bidder. Is that right ?

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The Mirabelle toilets I saw at Ferguson appeared to be made by American Standard with similar, though not identical, designs. The Mirabelle tub I bought is made by Clarke Industries, and doesn't look like anything they sell under their own brand name (and is excellent BTW). It's sold exclusively by Ferguson in the US and someone else whose name I don't recall in Canada.

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