annie1992 ?

kathleencaNovember 18, 2011

Hi Annie,

You posted a while back that you had many farm/ranch chores ahead, but I haven't seen you post in some time. I hope all is okay and that you are just swamped with Fall.

Warm wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Kathleen, Annie has been around, although not as much as she might normally be.

I saw a few posts from her this week including one on the Make ahead Appetizers and today on the Cranberry thread.


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Yeah, I'm still here. I can't get Photobucket to work with my Vista updates, so I haven't managed pictures.

I'm cooking for my stepmother and still moving the last of her stuff to her apartment, as well as changing addresses for all of her creditors/banks/doctors/etc.

Ashley is pregnant and not due until next month but her blood pressure is too high and she's off work and on bed rest because they don't want her to have the baby yet, so I've been trying to help out there while her husband is at work on the night shift.

I have the normal fall farm chores and I bought the remainder of the farm and rented a big dumpster, which we filled with the garbage my sister left everywhere. She's my sister, but she's a hopeless slob. Ugh.

Elery should be here in about 2 hours so we can go to the Food and Wine show in Grand Rapids tomorrow, that should be fun. Ellie Krieger is the guest chef, and I'll take pictures, but I've got to get Photobucket whipped into submission before I can post them. Hopefully before Madison Elizabeth is born....

So, I've been crazy busy, but I'm fine and I'm still around. Things will slow down eventually. Maybe. (grin) Thanks for thinking about me!


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Slacker! Seriously, I hope you have some down time soon so you can have quality time with Madison. Good thoughts heading your way for Ashley.


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How are The Monkey Princess and Bruvver? And how do you do it all??

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Good thoughts going out to you Annie, you sure have a lot on your plate right now. I feel for Ashley, I was on bed rest for high blood pressure with Hayden and Hudson and now still when I am sick or stressed my blood pressure will peak. Congrats on the new grand baby. I bet Bruvver and monkey princess are excited about their new cousin.


PS thought about you this morning as I pulled out a jar of Annie's Salsa yammers.

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She doesn't sleep as much as the rest of us, that's how she does it! :)

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Thanks, ann-t; I hadn't looked at those two posts.

Annie, it sounds as though everything is crazy right now. Take care - we are all thinking of you.

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Good thoughts going out to all, I have no idea how you're doing so much! I hear you on the parent chores and on meeting the grandparent requirements too. I'm exhausted and just had to slow down. Today we are taking a much needed break at home as it pours down rain. I'm looking forward to the report and photos of the food show!

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Nice to have your update - as usual I get worn out just reading about all you do.

Happy Thanksgiving! And take care of yourself too please.


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