Backsplash not centered

salbwilNovember 19, 2012


My installer put in the backsplash on my vanity this morning and I noticed tonight it is not centered on anything; it' s glaringly off. It has not been grouted yet. Will it be a huge problem to remove it in the morning to fix it, or should I attempt to remove it now. It is one row of an 8x10 cut in half to make it 4x10 topped with a row of glass accent tiles, then topped with a bull nose . The 4x10 tiles are not centered on anything , the sink, the faucet, the mirror. They look as though he just started at the left and kept going.



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Can you post a picture?

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There is no light in the room yet and of course it is night time now.....dark beyond flash. I know the tile should have been centered on the sink and faucet , meaning the first tile installed should have been at the center of the vanity . It looks very awkward and unprofessional now.

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Need a photo to better advise.

But tiles aren't that hard to knock off the wall, even a couple days later.

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Installer removed the offending tile and will reposition it with one in the center and work out from there. It will be an improvement , not perfect but better and he will not have to remove all the tile, only the first course.

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How dis this turn out for you?

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As I stated in my last post, it isn't perfect, but it certainly looks better with one tile centered on the sink and vanity cabinet. The center of the bottom row of tiles is centered directly on the faucet. Before , this tile wasn't centered on anything, I have had some problems with the tile installers; it isn't very reassuring to think I have more information about tile installation than they have . They also didn't think it was necessary to caulk at the change of plane in the shower.

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