Offset Sink Question

littlebug5November 12, 2012

I will be installing a new 48" vanity with a single sink on the left side - instead of centered on the entire 48". I think I will be purchasing a mirror to hang above the sink, assuming a size of approximately 24" wide.

What do you think? And if I do that, what do I put above the right side of the vanity? Nothing? Will that look weird?

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It depends on the rest of the bathroom. Is there a window or something else above the other side? I think it would want something on the other side to balance the mirror, but it could be art or a photo or a window or something.

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I'm thinking of going with that sink placement, as well. I'll be hanging a large mirror that spans the length of the vanity because I don't like small mirrors in the bath.

My cousin chose to install a tall cabinet for storage, opposite the sink, but it uses up that open countertop space. Maybe inset a cabinet between the studs and make sure it's similar in dimension to the mirror?

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There's nothing planned for the other side of the vanity. No window, etc. I am wondering about art or a tall plant, etc. that wouldn't take up the space I'm gaining by not centering the sink.

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You could do a narrow depth cabinet that wouldn't take up much counter space, with doors or without. These are shown with double sinks, but would meet your need.

This is very contemporary, but you could do some shelves in your own decor style.

I thought this was cool with the mirror mounted on wood, which also holds the shelves.

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