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publickmanNovember 27, 2011

I finally decided to upgrade my video editing software, and so you can tell me whether it is better or not. Here is my back yard using Adobe Premiere Elements, and here is a continuation of the tour using Power Director 10, which seems to have more options and is easier to use. Both look choppy to me, but the Adobe file looks more out of focus, since I could only use 320 resolution to upload to YouTube, whereas Power Director allowed twice the resolution.

I still think that still photos on Photobucket are better, but it takes a while for me to get the photos uploaded there.


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Lovely tour of your grounds, what a large space you have !!!
my favorite arrangemement is the white oblong planter with the succulents,
although everything is interesting.

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Thanks, Mitch! I did the video for my mother, since she does not travel and wanted to see what our yard looked like. I should have cleaned it up before I took the video, but I thought most of the dirt would not show on video, although all of the clutter does!

The white planter does have some of the best succulents, and the plant with large silvery leaves makes the best flowers, which bloom in August in a huge display and are a bright fluorescent vermillion color that is quite striking. That plant needs to be divided soon. It's not a plant I see very often either. I think I'll ask on the succulent forum for an ID, as I have lost the tag. The succulents bloom at all different times of the year, and so there are always some blooming. I have more orchids blooming, but I keep those in the house while in bloom - I'll try to post photos of those as well.

I do not think of my yard as large, but I really could not manage anything much larger, unless it had a swimming pool! I haven't planted much in the flower beds because I don't like having to weed, but I might get some more ginger, and I might start putting some succulents there. I'm probably going to get one or two more trees. I'm looking for a dwarf Haas avocado - I had one in Venice - and also a blood orange. I'll plant the avocado in the ground but probably put the blood orange in another wine barrel planter.

Thanks for dropping by!


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You have a lovely yard, Lars! Such a wide variety of plants....makes me wish we had a long growing season like California does!

I think the second video is much clearer, too. Thanks for sharing!


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Oh my goodness Lars, how do you find time to water all those planters??!! Gorgeous plants! I too am jealous of your growing season. And that you have room for fruit trees, and such wonderful smelling ones at that! My one attempt at growing fruit--raspberries, has been a bust, they sprawl too much for my tiny yard. My other food plant, the blueberry bush, gives me about 3 blueberries a year. I couldn't grow apples because I have cedar bushes and I forgot they carry cedar apple rust. My crabapple became hideously infected.

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I agree, the second one is much more clear than the first one and like Mitch, I like the white planter full of succulents.

What a beautiful back yard, Lars, the only thing green here is a few of my herbs. The sage, the oregano, the thyme and the rosemary are still OK in their sheltered corner, but everything else died and Elery got 8 inches of snow yesterday, so December and winter are here officially, I think.

I agree with L, it must take a long time to water all those planters, or do you have sprinklers?


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I water all the planters and pots manually, and it doesn't take more than about 10 minutes, but I generally do it on my lunch break now. During DST I water them when I get home from work. Most of the yard (and all of the front yard) is on sprinklers. I think you can see my ugly green hose in the second video - I didn't bother to try to hide it! What does take time is feeding everything because I use a watering can for that, and I have to add fertilizer to it for each batch of watering. That takes about half an hour, and I do it approximately every other week-end. The orchids get special fertilizer. I promise to post photos of the ones I had taken into the house. Some of them made huge spikes and have been blooming for weeks now. I keep them in the art studio under the skylight during the day and then move some of them into the living room each evening to flank the TV.

We have snow here too in the mountains, but not on the ones that I can see from my house - yet. We generally get rain in the winter, and so that takes care of watering pots and planters when it happens. The succulents are drought tolerant, but I have to make sure the herbs get water all the time. I have several tomatoes now that are about to get ripe, and they need a lot of water, along with the chili plants.


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