Has anyone installed the Broan universal makeupair damper with ot

springplanterOctober 13, 2013

Based on the comments here and other internet sites, and the idea of 'universal" I believed that the Broan could be used with any hood, but the installation instructions state that it is just for Broan. My HVAC person is not knowledgeable on these things, and I am looking for some experience to guide by

Many thanks

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It would be a rare manufacturer who would test his hardware against his competitors' products to determine suitability for use with them. It is much less costly and legally secure to "know nuttink."

I have no experience with this device, but believe it is just a smaller version of certain (large) Honeywell devices of a similar nature used in commercial applications.

For airflow triggered devices: A damper type MUA path can be used with any venting system, but whether the means of triggering the damper from airflow in a given duct will work depends on sensitivity and duct air velocity. I would expect that if your duct size and air flow were similar to the ranges of each for which the Broan device is specified, you would have no issue.

For electrically triggered devices: In this case one would have to be certain that the system one is adapting to has the same "signal" (can be power to a blower motor) that the damper trigger circuit is expecting if used with a Broan exhaust system.


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Thanks Kas for your complete and informative response. it is sooooooo good to know that we have someone like you (many someones actually throughout the forum) who are willing to share their expertise with those of us less able. Quick, accurate and complete, can't beat it!

As far as I can tell, the damper is pressure (airflow) controlled so I think we are safe to procede

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