Staircases in Modular Homes

tom418September 22, 2011

I've seen modular houses in my development. Naturally, they have joists for flooring as well as ceiling on each module.

There are four modules in a typical house (front/back/upper and lower floors).

But what happens with staircases? Don't they have to be longer to span the added (10 inches or more) height due to the fact that, unlike a stick built (where the ceiling joists of lower floor also serve as the floor joists of upper floor) a modular has "two sets" of joists between floors? And if so, is there ever a code problem with the increase of number of steps? I'm just curious.

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You are pretty sharp. Yes, the height is increased. The stairs have added risers and treads. The stairs take up more floor space. On the unit for the lower level, the top three steps probably will be completed after the units are set. Might be a challenge for some carpenters. I did mine myself. Noise of walking on the upper level is reduced by the joist separation as is the lessened noise of upstairs toilet flushing.

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Thanks bus_driver. I thought that one would have longer staircases, but wasn't sure.

Ahh, that upstairs toilet. Like on the famous "All in the Family" episode, where during her wedding, Gloria said "We're waiting for daddy" and then we all hear the toilet flush! LOL!!!

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