Marble Lovers: Reinstalled My Redone King of Prussia Mantel Shelf

KevinMPNovember 19, 2012

This is a double post since some of you here know my old house and have also followed the remodels I've done to the bathroom, kitchen, and the moulding in the dining room. I finally managed to take the old King of Prussia marble mantel shelf from my den to my local marble and granite yard to be repolished and to have an ogee edge put on. It was in terrible shape: scratches, very dull, worn finish, and a few chips on the straight edge. Now, it looks like new, and the marble place was so excited to get to work with this marble--it's a classic, but rare local stone used in a lot of 18th and early 19th century homes, and it's worth keeping. There's nothing like it (except maybe a very dark bardiglio). Enjoy.

Here's what it looked like the morning I took it off to be refinished:

And here is is now (I know some of you may not think it's that different, but it feels like glass now):

without flash:

with flash:

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That's a beautiful piece of stone, Kevin.

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So glad you could restore it! What a character piece for what looks like a great house.

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wow, that's ridiculously beautiful! i love your fireplace, floor, and wall color. what a great space you have!!!!!!

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That is so nice, thanks for sharing. It is such an honor to be able to restore these things, and to be able to have the means to do so. I commend your care and the time you've invested in your lovely home.

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