Buying iPhone from Apple Store or Provider Store?

suziequeSeptember 11, 2011

Ok, this isn't a "Computer" question, but I still think that you folks will have the information I'm looking for.

I'm finally going to buy an iPhone. But I don't know whether it makes more sense to buy it from Apple or from an AT&T store. Yesterday I was at Apple yesterday and salesguy told me that the prices would be the same. He said that both Apple and AT&T would transfer my contacts, but that Apple knows better how to program the phone. He wasn't strong-arming me. Also, I guess another option is a store like Best Buy.

What do you think? Are there pros to buying from one over the other?

Thanks - Suzieque

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If I was going to purchase an iphone I'd strongly consider getting it from the Apple store. That way you can build a relationship with the store that may come in handy for repairs ect...

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Thanks for answering, zep!

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I bought my iPod and iPhone from my local Apple Store. I have been in many times to ask questions and they are very happy to answer them. The Apple stores have several free workshops where you can learn all about the phone. When I buy my next computer it is going to be an Apple in large part because I can drive 10 minutes and ask questions about my new computer, not have to talk to someone across the globe!


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