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christine1950September 23, 2013

I just purchased a new Toshiba laptop and I'm curious about windows updates, should I allow all of them or learn which ones to allow? I know nothing about computer except how to turn it on LOL, My last laptop I did block all updates and I had her for 5 years and never had a problem until recently when she was getting so hot I knew it was going to go to the big computer pile in the sky.. Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks Christine

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When I set up my new laptop there were 57 updates. I changed settings right away to notify me first and not do it automatically. I do a few at a time, especially the net frame ones and reboot if it tells me to. If you have a problem with one, you can do a system restore to a time before the update. I do not do the optional updates

The only real problem I have had was doing the hp updates, I don't do them, I find they make changes I don't like. They don't come with Windows updates.

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christine- Why would you not do Windows updates, at least the critical ones? Many of the critical updates are fixes that plug potential security holes that would allow your computer to be more easily penetrated by malware and hackers. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't have any problems (that you know of) with your old computer, and start taking better care of your online security by allowing at least the critical updates to be installed on your new computer

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kudzu, someone had told me that most of the updates are really un-necessary and only slow down the computer. I guess I have been really lucky in the past. I dont do alot of surfing so maybe that is what saved me. Thank You

emma Thank you also for your input :>)

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I went a long time without doing them and never had a problem, maybe I was lucky also. I don't worry about an infection like most do, but I know how to fix it if I do get one. That makes a big difference.

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It's not just a routine virus infection you have to worry about. Do you know how to handle a rootkit, a keystroke logger, or a botnet infection? While these may be less likely results of ignoring Windows updates, they're still possibilities, and may be much less detectable than a virus. My view it's that it's better to try to avoid getting an infection than to fix it if it happens (and you're aware of it).

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I am never quite sure why people avoid Windows updates.

I have mine set to download and notify me, not because I am smart enough to sort them out but to decide when the update takes place and I am not busy on the computer.

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My view is that all mainstream programs and Windows should always be updated. Except for my antivirus program that's set to update daily and automatically for my PCs, like Owbist I prefer to be notified first of available updates. That way, I can trigger them at a convenient time that doesn't interrupt use.

I never refuse any update for any legit program and I can only scratch my head about people who suggest otherwise. People who suggest that users (even novices) critically examine and assess the nature of upgrades before installing them make me scratch my head twice.

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Sorry Emma I don't agree with you on this one. Your position is like saying, "I don't get a flu shot because if I get the flu I know I can go to the doctor". I side with K9 and O on this point; as it pertains to critical and important updates.

I have personally never used automatic updates. It has always been "notify me and let me decide".


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It's okay to disagree DA. I do update the critical things. I don't have a problem with them, but some people have a lot of problems with them. My sis just told me about her problems with them, problems all the time.

BTW I don't get the flu or pneumonia shot, I decided I had enough aluminum in my system without adding more to it. And I have never had the flu in my life and one cold in the last 10 years.

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I have mine set to notify and not install. In all my years I think I only had trouble once or twice with an update and got it solved both times. I surf a lot and email a lot and do a lot online like chat and stuff so figure I should keep on top of the updates. Mary

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Some computer help forums wont waste their time helping you if they find out your computer hasnâÂÂt been updated.

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There is a program called Belarc Advisor which can give you a fairly compact file about your computer's update status for saving as a file and printout. Have a look at the results at your leisure and pass along the idea of checking out what it can show them to folks who "don't believe".

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I have followed your advice & am now allowing the windows updates. Now's a new question, I'm using firefox & avg who should I use thats free and easy for a senior to install for spyware? Go easy on me I'm not a bright as I once was....

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I believe that AVG is like most other safety programs these days, all encompassing. Someone will no doubt verify that.

Be sure you download from a genuine site, while checking on the statement above I found a site without the universally recognised logo.

Filehippo is always a safe site - or Majorgeeks.

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I just reformatted my 5 year old laptop for my niece and there were 135 updates and probably 20 more two days later. I don't mind going through all I had to do. I saved the updates for last then started a few and walked away. I didn't realize how hard it is to give away a computer. I was going to donate it to the Bethesda Gently Used Store when I got a call, my niece wanted it.

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"Be sure you download from a genuine site"

I suggest avoiding third party sites when possible, whether it's a well known one or not. I see no reason to use them when a program has its own site.

For AVG, go to For Kaspersky, Etc. Some open source (ie, free programs developed as non-commercial projects) do rely on free hosting by the legit download sources. Some of them are mentioned above and another is Source Forge.

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I always download Windows updates even though I have had a few problems with them. There has always been a fix. I also update any programs which need them. I like Secunia which runs in the background and alerts me when something needs updating. Great free program. It alerts me of FF updates as well as Flash, Java or any of the Adobe programs and any other programs you are running. I honestly forget to check many of these programs and Secunia will pop up telling me I need the updates.


Here is a link that might be useful: Secunia PSI

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