Tile Tub Surround-How long should it take?

julie94062November 1, 2011


(I did my kitchen two years ago and received such wonderful help and ideas. Just wanted to first say thanks to GWers! )

I'm now doing an *unexpected* extensive remodel of a rental house we own, after long-time tenants moved out at the end of June. It was in really bad shape. Fired the property manager. Got a new one. Long story, but I ended up with a contractor/remodeler who is doing OK, slowly but surely (started beg. of Sept.). A lot of it is done except tiling the two bathrooms and installing the fixtures. He works by himself, but has had subs in to do electrical, some carpentry, plumbing, etc.

Tiling doesn't seem to be his strong point, although the work is good and he seems to be doing things right. Not being familiar with tile and how long things should be taking, I thought I'd ask the experts. (BTW, Bill V, thanks for the "Tile FAQ"--big help!).

He's on day 6 of tiling just the tub surround (6" squares, not to ceiling, with 6" mosaic accent). Just about done and should grout tomorrow. Seems like a bit (?) long to me, especially since he still has the master shower and both floors to do, although that will be all 12" and will supposedly go faster.

I'm getting worried that the bathrooms alone will take a couple more weeks (and I want to get renters in to avoid paying that Dec 1 mortgage myself!). Still have to refinish wood floors, etc.

So my questions are: How long should that normally take? Is it in the ball park, or should I explore getting someone in who just does tile? My sister said both her bathrooms were done in a few days.


Thanks!! Julie

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Even for someone not familiar with what they're doing, it shouldn't take more than 2-3 days. I'm starting a full shower with 6x6 tomorrow afternoon, and I expect to have it completed by the end of the day thursday. A tubs surround, even with a decorative band, wouldn't take me more than a day.

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Thanks for the info and quick reply!

--who, like many others, wants to put you on a plane and fly you out here :-)

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I'm a DIY-er, and I tiled a 3'x4' shower (walls and ceiling) with 4x4s and 6x6's with a couple decorative bands and some inset glass tiles in about 20 hours total. I tiled the 8'x10' floor in 6 hours total, including laying the Ditra but not the grouting.

I don't consider myself very speedy, particularly on walls. Is your guy working 8 hour days?

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Hi Weedy,
He's working 8 hour days, plus some weekend time (coordinating the whole remodel). Thanks for letting me know how long it took you. The glass mosaic band gave him some problems and took a lot of time (cut 6 rows - 4 inches- from a 12x 12 mosaic piece). But it's done and looks OK.

Thanks again!

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I take it he had a tough time getting it to be flush to the face of the tile ablve and below?

Shouldn't be a problem for people who know what they're doing.

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Yep, exactly the problem.

What is the orange/yellow piece you put behind it called? I'll let him know for future reference!


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It's called Ditra.

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