Off-center bathroom sink?

dljmthNovember 21, 2012

I have space for a small bathroom vanity and I am trying to figure out how to place the sink. Originally I thought I would install a more contemporary sink/vanity top but then began to realize that those do not give you any counter space. Since the room is tight, I think it would be better to get a smaller undermount sink and then have room for some counter top. The space is spec'd for a 30" vanity, but it looks like I may be able to squeeze a couple more inches. I have looked for smaller sinks (from another post) and the ones I like require about 19-20" which leaves me 10-12" counterspace. It seems like it would make more sense to position the sink toward one side of the vanity so I could lay a hairdryer or other items on the counter, but I'm afraid that might look strange. Has anyone put in an off center sink? Pictures?


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I am posting my planned sink for my BR/mudroom, and for the same reasons as you I chose an off set sink. It is a better use of counter space to have it offset. I have room for a 36" vanity but I want it only 18" deep. So I am having a vanity stand built for me and I will set a soapstone sink in it with a counter off to the side. Here is my concept drawing. I hope this helps.

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Will it be against a wall on one side? I think that makes a difference.

Enduring, I see you plan on an off-set sink, but with the faucet and mirror still centered...

If the OP has a vanity that will sit next to a wall on a side, say the right side, and then put the sink off-center to the left side, I think it could work very well. The wall can also help to keep things on the counter.

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Kirkhall, there is a wall mounted faucet on the left side in the drawing, it is the silver 3 piece item on the backsplash. The thing on the right is a deck mounted sidespray that I thought would be cool to help the sink function better as this is a sort of mudroom as well as bathroom; it may be drawn a little tall, I think it angles down more then I have it represented. The mirror will be centered.

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Off-center sinks are pretty common, even in pre-constructed vanities:

and so on

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Thanks so much! Here is the layout for our bathroom. It looks like I can fit a 33" cabinet (a 12" bank of drawers with a 21" door) and place the sink on the 21" side. I think it will work. There will be one large mirror framed with mosaic tile that covers the wall (mosaics will run a 4" frame around the mirror). With the sink off center I can do without the backsplash on the side wall too.

Now to speak with the contractor as the rough plumbing last week before they laid the subfloor earlier this week. I'm essentially shifting the sink about 3" from the original plan so hopefully it's not too much of a pain to do this.


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Writersblock, those are nice sinks, really great examples of how an off center sink looks. They look practical and would be a beautiful addition.

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One follow up - lpoking at my layout again, I am wondering now if it's better to have the sink closer to the wall side rather than closer to the toilet.


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No, you are better to have it near the toilet. You will not like bonking your elbow and the crowded feel of it right next to the wall. Plus, since you are entering the room from the side, it will not feel as off center if it is on the toilet side than if it were on the wall side.

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But, I would move your outlet to be over your counter area instead of over your sink.

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Thanks, enduring. For anyone who's interested, they are pretty humble examples. Top one is from home decorators/home depot, and the bottom one is ikea. But higher end companies like Ronbow also offer similar options for sink placement.

Laurat88, I would leave the sink on the toilet side, too, as kirkhall suggests.

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Thanks everyone! Yes, it makes more sense to keep the sink closer to the toilet. I just walked the construction and see that it is better that way. Now to get the change order in. The drain and hot and cold pipes coming up from the floor look like they were placed according to the plan which showed the sink centered. Hopefully it's not too cumbersome to move them over about 4".

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If they aren't in the way of your cabinetry (ie, they won't be split by the 21/12 cabinet divider), you may not need to move them at all. Ask your plumber.

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