Bathroom backsplash

lorichatsNovember 26, 2012

My master bathroom counter was installed today...but I am confused. The counter has a four inch backsplash. However, where the top of the backsplash touches the wall, the installers did not use any silicone caulk or grout to fill in the space. Also, my walls are not straight, so part of the backsplash touches the wall and other parts of the backsplash are a good quarter inch away from wall. I am worried that water will be splashed and drip down the wall. Should this area be filled in, and if so, with what?? Thanks for any help that you can give me!

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1/4" sounds like a lot of space. I would think that it should be caulked, yet 1/4" space? I think it sounds too large of a gap.

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If the wall i swonky, you can feather a thickness of drywall compound out from the backsplash onto the wall, tapering it thinner and eventually feathering it to "nothing" the further you get from the backsplash.

For small deviations you might need to feather it out 8" or a fofoot'. For larger deviations, you might have to go out several feet. The goal is to essentially flatten the wall. Fill in the "low spots" with mud. Then prime and paint.

In the end, the wall should look flat and the backsplash should look like it's set flush with the wall.

Or, yes, you could simply caulk the gap and put up with the uneven reveal.

And for grins, I'd set a straight edge on the back splash just to make sure it's not warped itself. Oh, the things I've seen...

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Thank you so much for the advise. My contractor is coming by tomorrow to check it out-I will let you know how that goes. Unfortunately, not only are my walls uneven, the floors were even worse(but that we already took care of)!

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