Turn-off valve for shower head?

gaylNovember 6, 2012

We just bought a new home. In the master shower, there are 2 shower heads, but only one faucet. So every time anyone takes a shower, both heads are going all the time. Does anyone know of either a valve we can install to one shower head to turn it off when we don't need 2 going? Or better yet, a new shower head (the heads in there now are junk) that has a shut-off attached to it? We need good shower heads and the ability to shut at least one off when not needed, not permanently. Thanks for any ideas!

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There are water saving shower heads that easily turn off so you can save water as you lather up. Then turn on to rinse. I have had them, but never actually used the shut off feature. It has been a number of years, but it seems they must still exist somewhere especially for folks with limited water available. Good luck!

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thanks for your response. Haven't been able to find one so far, so hoping someone might have a specific kind to recommend...

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The Waterpik hand held models have some that have a shutoff on them. Nice shower heads, too.

Only caveat: Make sure a) you use thread tape on the part where you attach the shower holder onto the pipe that comes out of the wall, and make sure there's no leak (you may have to look under the escutcheon.)

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Is this what you mean?

Here is a link that might be useful: shower shut off valve

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