Range Hood questions- ANY help appreciated!

luckymomOctober 12, 2012

We had a water leak under the sink that's quickly turning into a semi-remodel, so I've had no time to plan or do a lot of research, but since we've GOT to get at least the kitchen complete (3 other rooms are emptied/filled with stuff- currently only water available is small bathroom sink, shower & 1 toilet- and the dog likes to drink that water, so I'm considering it ).

Right now, we're taking out our OTR Advantium. It hasn't been vented, but the space originally had an external vent. During the 1st remodel, we (stupidly) decided we didn't need the vent, wanted more cabinet space. Can't remember what size vent hole- were there ay standards back in the late 80's? All I remember was a cheap vent hood that really didn't work for anything and a big "box" type thing thru the cabinet taking up all the space. DH swears it's vented out the roof. (he also swore I was hearing things when the water leak happened...).

We need something with a bit of oomph. Looking at Kobe's (good? bad?) with baffles and LED's (don't want halogen, it's hot enough in my kitchen already) Thinking at least 600 CFM, but how can we tell what size we're going to need for the vent? I can't take out the Advantium until we at least have counters in and water (at least we can nuke a stouffers dinner now). DH won't take it out and put it back to tell either. The cabinet above has a double base on it (no clue why). I know we're going to need to put back in some sort of venting in that cabinet, does it come with the hoods? Seperate? All this is going to be easier without the stove in, so the faster I get range hood, the better.

Oh, and did I mention I don't want to spend the national debt? Already doing that on all the rest of the mess. Under $800 is my goal, under $600 better-

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You really need to figure out your duct size - does it go through a cabinet above the advantium where you can see it and measure it. Most likely it's 6" OR 8". While most 600 CFM hoods require 8" ducts, Kobe makes some that only require 6" ducts.

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The size you need can't be determined from the information available to us, and in any case, may not conform to the size that the ducting will support. As I recall, the Greemheck guide linked at "my clippings" provides at least two opinions on the subject.

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Ordered a Kobe CH7730. Has a 4 option duct system, so it should work whatever is hidden. It'll be here Friday. Just can't believe I spent that much on a range hood (on top of all the rest of the money I've spent on this leak- it's turned into a remodel nightmare!).

We'll take the cabinet & microwave down when the cabinet guy is here this week to put in another 24 wide base to hold the end of my granite up & new microwave drawer(cheaper than the steel braces I was going to need- probably even with the hood- not including LOTS less work to install).

We're on a tight time frame here- I can't stand the mess- I've got an entire house in chaos. DW & Stove in dining room sectio of great room, sofa is covered with kitchen stuff, Christmas deco (from study/hooby/storage room)& lights to be put up- you name it, it's out of place...

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