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dedtiredNovember 21, 2011

I listed a lighting fixture for sale on Craigslist, the first time I've posted there. It's a really nice fixture that I bought for my kitchen but the color wasn't right and I never used it, so it's brand new.

If someone offers to buy it, should I give them my address and have them come to my house to get it or should I arrange to meet them nearby?

I live in a really nice safe suburban area, but most likely I would be home alone when someone came by. What do you think?

I will feel really weird making a sales transaction in a parking lot!

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I would definitely meet at a nearby Starbucks or other public place. When we moved into this house we used Craigslist to give away some stuff - old cabinets in the garage, granite remnants. I let my husband handle it, but I did feel odd afterwards that strangers were in my garage. We stopped using it and started giving stuff only to the charity truck pickups. And stuff that they don't want, the gardener will always take.

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Give your weird neighbor's addy and do it in his driveway

Brag about how much more stuff there in is 'your' house, and such a pity, you aren't home to enjoy it


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I have bought and sold lots of things on craigslist, and have done transactions at my home, at the sellers/buyers home and in public places. I NEVER give my address until they are on their way, and I ALWAYS arrange the transaction to take place when both of us are home. Also I never let anyone in the house. I have let people in the garage but only if the item we are selling cannot easily be moved out of the garage.

Before arranging a meetin, you should have the buyer's name and phone number, so there's some piece of mind in that.

I have also met buyers/sellers in parking lots. I don't think it's that unusual these days and it certainly is alot safer if it is an option for you.

I think a little common sense goes a long way when doing business on sites such as craigslist.


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Verrrry funny, Jessy. If the buyer saw that house of horrors, they'd run in the opposite direction.

I like to think I can trust people but I guess the parking lot would be safer. Guess I'll have to wait to see if someone buys it. No bites so far.

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I've had people bring things to me that I have purchased on CL. You might offer to do that unless they are far away. Or simply suggest you meet halfway to make things easier for them.

There is a lot of flakiness to be found on CL and a fair number of stolen goods. Be safe.

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Meet in a parking lot, etc. as has been suggested. It doesn't matter that where you live is safe.

I sold (and bought) a bunch of stuff on CL years ago and had people come to my home. Most were fine, but I ended up with a bit of a wacko who kept returning to buy my stuff. He was odd enough that it made me uncomfortable. From then on, I met people in a public place. It's very common.

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When I sold my stove on the recycler, I used my garage, since that is where it was located. I only interviewed two people over the phone for it (both were women), and I felt that I could tell a lot about the person from the phone conversations - I'm pretty perceptive that way. If you do not feel confident in that respect, then you could meet in a parking lot, but if I were the buyer, I probably would not go there.

One thing I would recommend stating in your ad is that the price is non-negotiable, unless you want to price it higher than what you want to get. And do not do any haggling over the phone - only until they are there to see the merchandise.


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I've sold a bunch of stuff on craigslist. Always used to meet in the parking lot of a nearby mall. But I got sick of doing that after I sat there waiting on a couple of people who never showed up. What a waste.

I know some people think it's risky to have craigslist people come to your house but I've now done it a bunch of times and haven't had any problems. I've also had a couple of people meet me at work in the guarded lobby, not in my office.

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Still no buyer. Sigh. May have to list it on ebay.

My son sold his car on CL and was stood up a few times by potential buyers. I wonder if people do that because they think it's funny? It isn't.

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I sold something on CL and met the gal in a parking lot. We agreed on a specific time and she kept me waiting 30 minutes! I was SO miffed I almost left, but I wanted the $200 cash in my pocket for where we were going. So we waited. Sheesh, inconsiderate people.

Would never have someone from CL come to my home. Ever. Just not safe. Nor is it safe for you to go to their home. Public place is always best; especially the police dept parking lot. They will feel safe and so will you.

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I meet people from craigslist a lot.
Have done private homes and public places. I agree that it isn't weird and is very common.

An observer has no idea that it's a "craigslist deal", for all they know, you're giving something to your sibling/parent/child or whatever. Most people aren't even paying attention.

I've had the best luck setting a meeting place that is close and convenient for me, then asking the person to call me when they are 5-10 minutes away. I can then go meet them and I know they're really coming.

Obviously, some things cannot be "delivered" to a safe place. I wouldn't expect someone to haul around large furniture, etc. I take my husband or friend with me whenever possible. Like Lars, I think I get a pretty good feel for people over the phone and will sometimes take the risk!


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I've had people come to the house and never had a problem. However, most of the time it was women but I sold my Explorer to a guy who worked at a dealership and I researched them to make sure they were legit and the guy actually worked there before giving out my address.

The only weird thing I happened was when I sold some stereo equipment on ebay and the guy lived locally so came to my house. He bought the stuff and paid cash but he mentioned something about needing a door and asked if I had one. I did have a door in the basement leaning against a wall and the only way he could have known that was if he looked in my basement window. I think if I would have led him down there he would have knocked me over the head or something...I told him I didn't have a door for sale. Strange and creepy....but lesson learned.


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I do a lot of Freecycling. I have had many freecyclers into my house and I use to do it only when DH wasn't home because he thinks it's weird and would have had a fit had he known. Now that he is aware, I just freecycle when he is home. Other than a few no-shows, I've never had an issue but it is a little freaky when I stop to think about it.

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I think you should kinda play it by ear, err on the side of caution, and don't be alone when you deliver it unless you're in a public place. Kinda like online dating, lol! The weirdos usually start acting off right away, and if anyone balks at your security issues, shut them down, you don't want to deal with that person. Anyone with any common sense will agree with your desire for privacy and caution.

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