Converting Epub books to read on Kindle

genesSeptember 4, 2012

Dont know if this has been mentioned sister steered me to this program for other reasons but find I can convert EPub file books to be read on my Kindle..Tried a few last nite and it worked great..easy too..anyone have some favorite free sites for EPub formatted books other than "epubBooks Free and Bestseller EPUB eBooks"

The program is called "Calibre"

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have recommended calibre for a long time it is an excellent free program.
Try they have a very good selection plus you can choose to download in either epub format or kindle format.

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An increasing number of public libraries offer free eBooks that can be downloaded 24x7. Almost all offer Kindle formats.

The collections include most current and popular books, although as with hard copies, there can be a waiting list for in-demand titles.

It works like a hard copy checkout. You get it on your device for whatever the checkout period is - 2 or 3 weeks. At the end of which, it erases itself (just like having to return a physical copy, you don't have it anymore). I believe if you check it out again, it keeps your bookmarks, etc., but I'm not sure of that.

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Have used calibre for a few years. There are also online converters if you don't want to install programs. Our library uses overdrive and I love checking out books on my fire. Mary

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Just a note for any foreigners on here, you have to have a US credit card and an American address to download any books from Barnes and Noble (Free or otherwise)..I found out today (Cdn)

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That's too bad. I know the kindle works in Canada and some other countries, not the kindle fire though just the e-ink ones. Mary

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