Miner problem with curser

oliverpSeptember 20, 2012

I like to have a go at some jigsaw games but am currently having difficulty moving the pieces, I click on a piece and sometimes it won't move or moves the wrong piece or even moves the main puzzle. I know it's not much but it is annoying. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Perhaps the issue is with the site in question. Post the link and someone will try to confirm or refute that part. Is your mouse working well on all other tasks? I assume you you the mouse and drag and drop pieces.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I agree I have had that problem on certain game sites it is usually a problem with the way the game is written or the page itself.

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Thanks owbist and ravencajun. Here are a few links I use regularly and have done for a long time. In general they work perfectly but this week they've not been good for me.

Yes owbist, you presumed right it is click, drag and drop, quite addictive too LOL.


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I'da checkt em out but:

1st site needed Adobe Flash - nope

2nd needed Java - nope

3rd needed "a plugin" - nope.

too bad - dirty shame

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Have you tried from a different browser to see what happens? Mary

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Recently I use firefox but on occasions I still use Internet Explorer. I think it's the same on both but I'll check them both out again and see what happens. Thanks.

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Mxyplx, Is there something you don't like about Adobe Flash, Java etc? I use my computer a lot but I'm not very technical so I'm not sure what's good or not good. If I have a problem my first port of call is always 'Garden Web' and I always get good advice.

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Fear and common sense.

You need em - you don't need em

They're risky - they're safe

One site requires em - another don't

Gottem? update/mess with em - don't gottem? forget em.


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My computer is very slow this morning so I suspect my Internet Provider my be the problem.

Acraftylady - I tried IE but it was still the same so looks like it's not the browser.

Mxyplx - I know what you mean, chosing the right ones isn't easy is it.

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Oliver I checked all 3 and had no problems at all moving the pieces.

Perhaps one day when the computer is slow as you report in the last message try going to Youtube and seeing if a video runs smoothly or keeps pausing to build the buffer. This will indicate a slow connection. However simply dragging across the screen should not be affected.

Are you doing them online or downloading, I see at least one gives a choice.

Also when you notice the computer being slow watch the LED activity light on the front of the tower to see if it flashes continually indicating perhaps not enough free space on your hard drive.

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I have used them all since my first computer years ago and never had trouble. Mary

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Owbist, Thanks for the info. I'll follow that advice and will keep an eye on it. I do the jigsaws online.

After posting my message to this group this morning I changed over from IE or firefox and it definitely speeded up. Would you recommend I delete IE and just keep the one browser.

Our ISP is Virgin Media and I think they are updating their systems at the moment, the modem does a lot of flashing but I'll keep an eye on LED activity. I'll let you know how it goes. Only last week I defragged my machine and it said I had 80 plus free space available so that's plenty isn't it.

acraftylady, that's a good name, it'd do for me as I do lots of craftwork. Glad you too have been doing those jigsaws. They put my brain in gear each morning ready to face the day but not much use when my curser won't move!!

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No, don't delete Internet Explorer. It will not slow your computer down to have two browsers. It is convenient to have at least two so that if one doesn't work in a certain situation the other might.

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oliverp, you can have as many browsers as you wish; they will not interfere with one another. Anyhow, you must have IE installed to get the Microsoft Updates. Just switch to whatever browser you wish and make that one your default.

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Don't you have to have IE to keep up with windows updates? I have the opposite problem. IE works great and fast for me always has and fire fox constantly freezes on webpages and just does not work right, don't get that as I know most people like it but I prefer IE anyway. I am an odd ball though as I use Norton security and it doesn't slow me down like most and I use incredimail and that doesn't slow me down and most every one else complains about those programs.

I keep firefox on here though because one time a few years ago suddenly something happend that took out IE for every one and no one could get on the internet with it one night. Forget what exactly happened but it was wide spread all over. I had firefox installed thank goodness and that connected fine but the people with only one computer and no back up browser had to wait until MS fixed what ever the problem was as I think IE was out until the next day, was very strange. Mary

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Pooh Bear

BigJig is a free jigsaw puzzle program that I have used for years.
Each week a new free jigsaw puzzle is released.
If you buy the full program you get access to bunches of other
puzzles and a program to make your own puzzle out of any picture.
We have been using this program for several years now.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.lenagames.com/bigjig.htm

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Thanks everyone for the advice about IE, you've answered my question. THANK YOU.

Thanks also for the jigsaw link, at this rate I'll never get off this PC LOL.

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