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Gina_WNovember 29, 2012

Next question y'all -

My home has exposed post and beam ceilings, which makes all kinds of things difficult - lighting fixtures, exhaust fans...

Right now above the tub/shower is a drop ceiling that houses the exhaust fan. This is the master bath.

I am remodeling that bathroom as well as the neighboring powder room. I will have a drop ceiling over the shower that will house the Panasonic fan and two 4-inch can lights.

In the neighboring powder room I have no place to put a fan except in the wall (because I don't want to build a drop ceiling in there for aesthestics).

So, I thought that I would get a wall-mount fan that is installed into the wall and accesses the drop-ceiling space in the master bath.

Dumb idea? Brilliant? Too crowded?

Secondly, there are only a couple of actual wall-mount-specified fans I found. Can most ceiling-mount fans be wall-mounted with some jerry-rigging for the exhaust?

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A quick google search reveals a few Broan fans can be wall or ceiling mounted. You will need a right angle adapter for the vent, most likely. If flex ducting is permitted where you are (not my favourite, they collect more duct and plastic ones are a fire hazard) it may make things similar.

You will have to cut an exploratory hole through into the dropped ceiling and have a look, then you'll know if it will work or not. Hopefully there is enough room for two vents outside, side by side. If the existing vent/vent flapper is older, it might make sense to replace it whilst it's accessible, and then they'll match.

I would use a drywall hand saw to cut your exploratory hole, a power tool is too risky when there could be wiring in there. Keep in mind you can't cut any studs in the outside wall.

As for cutting the hole in the outside wall, consider buying a suitable hole saw assuming your outside wall is wood or wood & siding. When you're going through vinyl siding, once the hole saw is almost touching the siding, REVERSE THE drill, and slowly cut through the siding with the drill running in reverse. This also works a treat with aluminium and other delicate materials... Running in normal forwards mode will rip the siding up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Broan fans

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This wall is between the powder room and the master bath, so no access through an outside wall necessary. Thanks for the suggestions!

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alan_s_thefirst'll need to vent the second fan through the outside wall, so yes, you'll need to go through the outside wall. Some bright spark may tell you you could share one vent, but I don't think it would be worthwhile or very efficient.

I missed the part where you are remodelling the bathroom that already has the dropped ceiling, so you should have good access to run your ducting for the wall mount in the new powder room.
Apropos of aesthetics, wall mounting it may not be all that pretty, but I see that Broan have metal grilles available as accessories. You could also use a cold air return-type grille over it as well, if you liked the look of it.

Just make sure that the model you choose is rated for vertical/wall mounting. One potential issue might be the flapper they have for reducing heat loss, they close when the fan is not in use. Check what the installation instructions say.

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I want to vent the wall-mounted fan through the roof. Biggest concern is squeezing two fans and two can lights into the drop ceiling space from two different directions.

I found the Panasonic wall-mount model. It's $$$ and maybe too big for powder room use.

I just don't know how else to vent this little powder room if I don't use a drop ceiling in there.

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Wall mounts will typically have different bearings for the fan shaft, so It's not advisable to use a ceiling fan in a horizontal fashion.

That said almost anything is possible, it can be done as long as you are aware if the drawbacks.

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