how often do you use your food processor?

phrogOctober 31, 2013

My 7 y.o. KitchenAid f.p. finally died, after many problems with cracked bowls and lids. (I think they make the base last forever, so you'll keep buying bowls.)

I'm considering another processor, maybe the highly rated Breville, but I'm not sure I'll use it enough to justify the cost. My old one leaked liquids and sent flour into the air, so I got into the habit of avoiding it for some uses.

How often do you use yours, regardless of brand, and would you replace it if it broke and was unfixable?

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I use mine infrequently. If I needed a new one, I'd probably get a mini version, just to chop onions.

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Fori is not pleased

I don't have one. I do use a stick blender sometimes!

Oh, I do have a mini one I use once a year to pulverize nuts for candy toppings. I think I'll try the stick blender for that next time. It's easier to clean.

Check out the cooking forum and ask them for recommendations if you haven't. That's right up their alley!

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Agree on the suggestion about the cooking forum here at gw. Also, check out the postings in the cookware forum at chowhound.

Some people use FPs a lot, some hardly ever use their's, and others find their cooking style simply does not require one. I'm in the frequent user camp, but that's just my style of cooking and probably also reflects the frquent entertaining that I do. Hey, what can I say? I'm a guy and I like using power tools. :>)

Anyway, for the last decade and a half, I've been using my FP at least once or twice a week for all kinds of things. I'm on my second Cuisinart. Got my first Cuisinart -- one with the big paddle switches -- back in the early 1970s. Used it heavily for a couple of decades including frequently making bread doughs. By 1997, I had worn out the plastic/nylon fitting on the end of drive shaft -- the thing that holds the blades. Took a while for me to find a replacement fitting and, by the time I eventually found one, I had gone to Costco and purchased a 12-cup Cuisinart FP and along with a KA stand mixer. The stand mixer has carried the load for the heavy dough making, sausage mixing, etc. but the FP still gets plenty of use. In 16 years, I've managed to wear off some of the plastic membrane covering the pulse button but the unit is otherwise going strong. FWIW, the old Cuisinart was given away and is still in service with somebody who has need of it maybe once a month or so.

Never used or seen a Breville FP. The latest edition of Cook's Illustrated commented on food processors and recommended the 12 cup Cuisinart. The comment on the Breville was:

"The Breville performed solidly and efficiently, but weâÂÂre not convinced that its extra features are worth an additional $200. Also, the Breville chopped so fast that it was hard not to make a puree when we wanted diced vegetables."

Seems like that might be even more pertinent if you won't be using an FP very often.

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JW, is that the December issue of CI? Because their website shows November as the current one, and they review mixers there.

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I rarely use our large food processor and often use our small one. I find other appliances do a better job or don't result in as many dirty parts to wash (hand held mandoline for slicing; kitchen aid mixer for pizza dough; small processor for sauces; stick blender for mixing liquids). I'm not sure I'd replace it. I certainly wait awhile to see how much I miss it first.

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I don't use mine everyday, however, when I need it I'm so happy to have it and I love it. I am finding myself using it more often as I now have more time for cooking. I have a Cuisinant 14 cup and it is just the right size for me. I will never again make pie crust without the FP. I also have a Kitchen Aide mixer which I do use for dough.

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I have 11 cup Cuisinart with the big paddle switches. I have had it for about 5 years. I use it about 1 - 2 times a week and will never make a pie crust without it. I love it! I would never be without a FP or my KA mixer. The Breville looks like a very nice FP and has some great reviews. If my Cuisinart broke I might consider the Breville.

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Isn't it funny how we all differ... I've never owned or used one in 35 + years of serious cooking. Am I missing something? I guess I'll never know, but isn't that what knives are for? Food prep for me is therapeutic, gives me a chance to enjoy a beer or glass of wine while forming the foundation of a well prepared meal... cheers!

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I use mine, a fifteen year old Kitchen Aid, almost every day. I would definitely replace it if it conked out. I use it for all sorts of things, pizza dough, pie crust, hummus, grating cheese and carrots, biscuits, I could go on.....

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>>> is that the December issue of CI? Because their website shows November as the current one, and they review mixers there.

CI does 6 issues so current issue is Nov-Dec . But, my mistake; you are correct that the current issue is about stand mixers. The CI web site says the FP review/update was from Jan 2013. (Can't find my print copy -- might have lent it out -- so I haven't been able to verify the edition.) Here is what the update said about the Breville if you do not have on-line access to the CI site:


"Breville Sous Chef Food Processor, 16-Cup

"f this super-fast and powerful deluxe machine were not so pricey, it would be our favorite. It perfectly pureed broccoli soup with nary a leak, kneaded batch after batch of springy pizza dough, ground nuts into powder, and minced fresh parsley into crisply cut confetti. Its pulse button is responsive and effective, and its adjustable slicing blade works well, though you have to set the width under the blade before you start to process. It comes with a 16-cup bowl and a 2.5-cup mini bowl, five blades, a built-in timer, and a count-up display, which was very helpful. We liked the multiple feed tubes (though as with the Cuisinart, a safety function limits the length of some foods). Blades are displayed in a well-designed storage box thatâÂÂs clearly labeled to eliminate the usual guesswork. Its large, smooth shapes donâÂÂt trap food and are easy to wash and wipe dry between tasks. We also appreciate the overheat function: If stressed, the motor shuts off and counts down, indicating when itâÂÂs ready to start again (though it wasnâÂÂt easy to stress this motor). Our only quibbles: ItâÂÂs too easy to overchop food into mush when you want dice, and we sure wish it wasnâÂÂt quite so expensive."

Chop âÂÂâÂÂý
Mayo âÂÂâÂÂâÂÂ
Grind âÂÂâÂÂý
Pizza âÂÂâÂÂâÂÂ
EaseofUse âÂÂâÂÂâÂÂ
Grate/Slice âÂÂâÂÂý

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I thought that the only food processor that actually dices is the KitchenAid Proline. Does the Breville really dice?

If you are considering food processors, do consider the Magimix line. When I cook for a crowd, I enlist it. As people who visit here tend to stay for days, the f.p. gets a steady workout. I would hate to be without it.

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I use the mini cuisinart one constantly but have only owned a Hamilton Beach Emmie processor for larger quantities. I do not use it much.
I think I might get more use out of a juicer or vitamix so I have put off looking into food processors,,,

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DM gave me her ancient one. I have only used it a few times.
I learned the hard way that the center is lower than the outside - visualize egg custard flowing down the center and out the bottom and down the cabinets....

My vitamin does chop onions and is easy to clean.

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I use my ancient Cuisinart (30 years and counting) just about every time I cook. I make big meals over weekends which we eat during the week, so I'm often chopping or slicing to make huge amounts of ragu or coleslaw. I wouldn't be without my FP for all the knives in the world.


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Kitchen detective-Magimix is one I am considering glad to see it mentioned. I really like how compact it looks and some of my favorite chefs use it.

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Well, if I were to do the Magimix over again, I would do this one because I like the idea of real chrome. This one was not available when I got mine. Be sure you go for the wide feed tube.

Mine is a 14 cup metal look. It replaced a Cuisinart, c. 1980, which worked well, but I found it difficult to lock the bowl and lid in place and then to unlock it.

Here is a link that might be useful: 16 cup in chrome

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I saw a nice looking little Cuisinart (not sure of size, maybe 9 cups) in Costco but the bowl and lid felt SO thin and flimsy to me. Maybe half the heft of my deceased KA's plastic parts. And this machine wasn't cheap -- about $130. I really think these companies follow the rule of "give away the razor, sell the blades." I wish I could afford the Robot Coupe with stainless steel bowl, but I could replace a regular FP several times over with that money.

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