Laptop won't pass starting window screen

azmomSeptember 5, 2012

I was in a long meeting using my work laptop (a Dell Lattitude E6410) without a power cord, the battery run out and the laptop died.

When I turned it on again by pushing the power up botton, powered through a docking station, it asked me to enter password, once it accepted the password, went to the "starting window" screen then just stayed there. I shut it down by pushing the power up botton and turned it back on, same thing happened again. Does it mean the laptop has a hardware failure?

Please help!

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Unplug it, take the battery out..hold the power button down for a min then put battery back in and plug it in and try booting it up

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Or leave battery out and use direct plug. Find out what item is the problem, laptop, battery, dock, plug, so try each method to rule out each.

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Windows starts so hardware seems working.

Maybe if reseting the battery & hardware, and trying ac only doesn't work...
Tap F8 several times for a couple seconds as soon as you power on and see the first signs of life on the screen.
That should get you to the Start options menu window.

Maybe choose - Last known working configuration or if says something like Repair my computer.. that takes you to more options.
Startup Repair there will fix several things or offer you a restore point probably if it doesn't see anything wrong in its first quick look on some computers.

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azmom....lettuce know what worked/didnt work

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Thank you so much for all of your inputs.

I took out the battery as suggested, it did not work. Powered on with/without docking station, it did not work.
Went to work called the IT support team.

First tried the "tapping F8 key" just as Mikie suggested, got into Start Options menu, picked "Last use good configuration" or something like that. Once computer finished the steps, repowered it on, but the power up still could not pass the "starting window" screen.

Then tried the "tapping F12 key". I had to start tapping the F12 key as soon as push the power on botton. Finally get into the start options menu, picked "diagnostic". It ran a lengthy testing for about 30 minutes. The results showed error code 2000-0142, msg 6142 status 79. Tech support person said the hard drive was bad. The rest of the testing on memory and CPU...etc. showed no problem.

I am waiting for IT to install new hard drive and port old data. I only hope that the data I did not back up would be preserved.

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