How to Have Shower Level with Rest of Drywall??

ms222November 14, 2012

I've always been confused with this, maybe someone can explain.

In a 3 wall alcove, I'm going to have a shower there, but I dont understand how to make it so when the tile is laid on the shower wall it is the same depth as the rest of the drywall through out the bathroom.

If I put cement board on the studs around the shower walls, and then drywall on the studs of the surrounding walls, they will all be the same depth. But when I add thinset mortar and then lay the tile on top, it will stick out more from the wall and the thinset buildup will be showing from the side, and then the remaining walls would just be bare drywall, so the depths would look different. Therefore, what is the solution?

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In every example I have seen, the tile is not even with the drywall. They are edged with bullnose.

If it really, really drives you crazy to have a non-flush wall you can do one of two things:

1 - Tile all the way to the ceiling
2 - Use thicker drywall above the tiles

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>They are edged with bullnose.

or with Schluter edging where that's not available or not desired for aesthetic reasons.

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Tile always sticks out further than drywall. You caulk the edge tile to cover up the thinset.

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Making the tile and wall surfaces flush, (in the same plane), is commonly done. You just have to fur out the walls, which indeed, does make the room a little smaller but you'll probably not notice the change.

I did it in my bath remodel: to Room Transition

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