Moen 90 Degree faucets

breezygirlNovember 14, 2010

We're adding a master bath with huge soaking tub (Kohler Tea for Two), vanity with one sink, and walk-in shower. I need faucets!! I've been so focused on the kitchen reno part of this project that the master bath has become the ugly step-child. Not good.

I've looked at several showrooms and scoured, scoured the internet. I don't have $2K to throw at faucets, but I'm not going to cheap-out for something I don't like either. I want something modern with clean lines. Single handle sink faucet. I'm leaning toward the Moen 90 Degree Collection, but I'm worried that cleaning could be difficult with the way the handle is constructed.

Anybody have these faucets? Am I just being ridiculous about the cleaning issue?

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I can't tell much about the Moen faucets, but I just installed a Grohe Europlus single hole faucet in my bathroom. It looks great...very modern. I think it was about 150.

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That's a beautiful faucet! Just the look I'm going for. Too bad it doesn't seem like there's a roman tub filler to go with it!

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The veris collection is very similar...I really think they're the same but marketed separately. That line has all the tub fillers and shower bits. Its a bit more expensive but just gorgeous. It has a lovely organic shape...not so sharp and pointy as some of the designs these days.

I'd love to hear how you like the Tea for two...I've been looking at that one.

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The Veris is beautiful. The roman tub filler itself is about $1K, then I need the sink faucet and shower set-up. That's a bit more than I think I can spend, but I'll keep it on the wish list. I like that it seems squared off, but has a softer shape.

So far, the tub is sitting in its crate in my half-framed new mbath. Looks great there! I can't wait to use it, but it'll be a while before I can give you any reports. We just let the GC go for our whole house project as we can't afford his extra mark-up and will now GC ourselves. It will take longer, but I'm hoping to be done by April. The tub should be usable before then though.

Thanks for the help!

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I was just looking at these faucets today, too. The price is good, but I'm also wondering about them. Anyone have any experience with them??

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Jean Bo

Bump, I am wondering if anyone has used these Moen 90 degree faucets yet?

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Hi Kitmu and Jjaazzy. I ended up using Grohe Allure in the masterbath instead.

Here's the tub filler.

And here's the lav faucet:

My whole house reno is taking 27 times as long as expected, mostly because I am the GC and am trying to feel my way through this. Oh, and the plumber was an idiot who drag on the bathroom plumbing for months before we finally realized he just didn't know what he was doing. He's fired now. :)

So, I can't tell you how I like the Grohe Allure or the Tea for Two tub. The tub was a bugger to get into place with the three walls surrounding it. Everyone had different opinions as to how to get it in place and how to build the tub deck surrounding it. The installation and deck/material has been a major PITA. I might have thought twice about buying that tub for that enclosure if I had known how much trouble it was going to be. It's just sitting there empty calling to me now. I hope the first soak is worth it!

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Jean Bo

Thanks Breezy, your preaching to the choir on things taking way longer. I have been at my bath since Dec 09! But, hey it's done right (thanks to Bill, Mongo and others)and I love it! Thanks for the update on the fixtures. I just had my counter top installed and the faucet I picked doesn't reach far enough into the bowl. Thinking about using the Moen 90 degree "bar" faucet does the kitchen and bar look heavier/thicker then the bath? I have a vessel sink and I think it will work well with the vessel but want to go with the longer reach of the bar faucet.

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Not sure if this is relevant for you any longer, jjaazzy, but the Moen 90 degree collection does offer a vessel sink faucet. It is higher, to account for the increased sink height. I'm using the 90 degree collection in my home renovation for the master bath clawfoot tub, stand alone shower, sinks, and kitchen sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen 90 degree vessel sink faucet

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