Third of three bathrooms finished

annkathrynNovember 26, 2012

As part of a whole house remodel, we updated a full bath that had a separate tub and shower. The shower had been retiled a couple of years ago by the previous owner so we matched what was there - Sonoma Stellar on the walls, with new tile on the floor. The vanity is made from 3 24-inch Ikea kitchen cabinets, and the counter is quartz. We took down part of the wall between the toilet and tub to open the room up a bit. The tub is new as the original tub was unfortunately damaged by the demolition team.

From Upstairs Bath

Button board from 1949
From Upstairs Bath

During construction (central vacuum installed on left)
From Upstairs Bath

New bath
From Upstairs Bath

Ikea cabinets
From Upstairs Bath

Existing shower
From Upstairs Bath

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Very nice. Love the floor and the IKEA cabinets. Can you give me more details on the 3, 24" bases from IKEA? Where did the doors and drawer fronts come from? What was the approximate cost of each cabinet with the drawers. I like the 1/2 wall at the toilet, it can aide someone who needs the sit down/stand up assist. The old bathroom was kind of cute too, but the new one is lovely. Well done!

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enduring the cabinets are standard Ikea kitchen cabinets. There are 2 drawer cabinets and one sink cabinet all screwed together. The drawer and door fronts, plus the toe kick, are all a black-brown style that Ikea recently discontinued. I bought them just before they were sold out at my local store. The entire cost was around $800 for all cabinets and hardware. I used a little bit of toe kick on each side for filler because the drawers needed a little clearance against each wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea base cabinets

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So very pretty! I love your selections, especially the tile around the tub and on the floor. It flows beautifully.

Would you mind sharing details about your quartz?

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treasuretheday the quartz is a no-name brand that comes in prefab slabs. It looks green in this picture but it's actually a light speckled tan. I bought it along with the quartz in my downstairs and master baths at Cornerstone Home Design in South San Francisco. They supplied all the sinks too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cream vanilla

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