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mystic_2008September 29, 2013

I have a flash drive with some of my genealogy on it. I would like to delete this and re-enter all the up-to-date genealogy on it. Is there a way of deleting this??? I am working on Windows XP.

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What program did you use to create the data in the first place? Open the file with that program and make the changes you want. If you just want to delete files from the flash drive, then open the drive in Windows Explorer, select the files and delete them. What could be simpler?

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Right click the USB Drive, as seen in My computer and choose "Reformat" that will erase everything on the drive.


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I vote for azinoh's approach. Using Windows Explorer, select the unwanted files and push the delete button. Reformatting a drive simply to remove files isn't a good idea, it's like going fishing with a depth charge.

Reason being - there could be firmware or other software files that a reformat could remove and make the drive inoperable. Why take the unnecessary risk?

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I have always reformatted and didn't know any better. That was what the instructions said to do it was suppose to last longer. I never lost anything.

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