The latest version of Secunia?

dee_can1September 19, 2012

I turned on my computer this morning and Secunia opened and started updated itunes. The update delayed so I clicked on 'more information' and it took me to a page for an update to Secunia.

I'm using Secunia 3 right now, and Secunia shows itself as being up-to-date; so I find it strange that it didn't update itself to this version 6. lol Is version 6 what everyone else has on their computer?

Here is a link that might be useful: Secunia update

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That should read, "started 'updating' itunes".

Wanted to add that I do have Secunia set to update programs automatically. Thx.

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The current version of Secunia PSI is 3.0 and the current version of Secunia CSI is 6.0

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I was just coming back to say I think I know the difference now (after doing some more searching) - the CSI is for business purposes, I think.

Thanks for your response, near.

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