medicine cabinet height?

cat_momNovember 8, 2008

We purchased a recessed Robern medicine cabinet (15 3/4" X 30"). How high should we install it (it will be centered L-R over the vanity)?

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The Robern installation instructions specify the necessary clearance that you need. I think that mine is installed 9" above the counter top. That gives adequate clearance for the single handle faucet.

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Hey cat_mom - I think part of the decision also depends on how high your ceiling is, and whether you plan to put a light fixture above it. (My sink is at 35", and my 26"-high medicine cabinet is at 48". That leaves about 16" above it for the light fixture... wish it were more.)

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No light fixtures to worry about (recessed lights), but Dh will check on the faucet clearance. Lived through that sort of nightmare with the granite windowsill install in the kitchen!

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Hi cat_mom-- sounds like you're making progress! Our 30" Robern bottoms at 43", with only about an inch of clearance above the faucet. Honestly, I wish we had a little more faucet clearance. But, we are both on the shortish side, so we erred putting it a little low for good viewing. One of the things you'll love in the robern cabinets are the mini-magnifiying mirror that you mount inside and then swings out. Good luck!

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I'm about to have a 30wx30hx6d semi-recessed Robern installed 50" above the floor. Should leave enough room over pedestal sink for a little glass shelf (I hope). I'm only 5'8" but 50" for the bottom of the cabinet is low enough for me to see enough of me.

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If it's recessed, there's no issue with faucet clearance, is there?

I too just decided cabinet heights today, for surface-mounted cabinets. But everything else is in place already. Turns out, cab height was dictated by the tile backsplash, and they're kinda high. I should have asked this same question before doing the tile design!

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I just went through this yesterday. Don't forget to measure your faucet AND the little thing that lifts up to close the drain (what's that thingie called anyway?). If your medicine cabinet is in the way, you won't be able to lift the thingie.

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Just put in a broan 24x30, instructions said to center the mirror @60" off floor

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For me, it was also dependent on my tile height. The tile went up to about 47 or 48", and we put the 20"x26" medicine cabinet 1" above the tile. This left me *just* enough room for the light fixture above it!

The height works fine for me. I love the big mirror! My old one was much smaller.

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lamguy doesn't that put the bottom of the mirror at 5 feet! That's too high for a shorty!

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It doesn't matter if the cabinet is recessed if you want to be able to open its door! It's the door swing that has to clear the faucet.

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jjaazzy, bottom sits at 49"

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