dryer hose installation

mrtulinOctober 22, 2013

When we replaced our old dryer we discovered the new hose kits had changed for safety reasons. (that's what we presume)
So we have this long thing that doesn't bend and the dryer sticks out in the space almost a foot.
Is there another way to do this so I can have that 12 inches back?

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A dryer vent hose is only 4", so there is no reason your dryer should be sticking out 12". You need to take a pic of what's actually being done behind there.

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I exaggerated a bit. The dryer is forward about 6 inches. Functionally, it seems more than that in lost space.
Even if the vent was lower on the wall, it is still a verylong hose.
Thanks for responding so quickly.The triagular piece on lower right is the dryer edge.

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While the 90-degree bends could be made tighter using rigid sheet metal ells, the bigger problem is how to attach everything and put the dryer back against the wall. Some slack is needed but I cannot determine how much from here.

I suspect with rigid ells you could save maybe two inches. Crushing the duct is not allowed, nor can you occupy the space of the standpipe. The standpipe is certainly in an awkward place for dryer venting.


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Who know who put the stack pipe there? I'll be there wasn't a bathroom above there until 1940, and that the tenants 30 years ago put in the laundry connection.
I imagine changing the location of stack pipe means going up into ceiling and bathroom floor.
Can dryer doors be taken off and remounted to open on the other side?
Then we could ask the question, could the washer and dryer be switched, new vent hole, and would it be worth all the work?
It really is awkward, and I hate it.

I need to come up withsomething else, even for appearances sake.

any ideas?

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I forgot the new dryer opens down.

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Perhaps a periscope-style "duct" would help?


They're available in several sizes for different lengths of minimum/maximum extension.

You may need a bit of 4" round extension to reach the wall opening past the washer drain standpipe.

These periscope extensions also leak a bit of air & lint from the sliding joint. Taping helps but usually doesn't completely seal the leaking.

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Well,who would have known about the periscope?
Im not a neatnik, but just how much lint gets around?
It is in a pantry (nothing fancy) and there are dry and canned goods.
I would not want a layer of dust to deal with often.

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Go to Robita Corporation and see if their vent might work for you.


I also saw their vent on e-bay. Just type in robita dryer vent.

I also have no ties with this company what so ever. Just something I saw one day and to me looks like a good thing for tight installs.

Like your older Maytag washer. Hope it last you many more years. They don't make them like that anymore!

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might want to replace those washer hoses while you're in there.

They look old and tired , and ready to spring a leak.

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you must be an appliance person to recognize a Maytag in the dark.
xedos, another observant person
.OT: A plumber is coming back to switch the garbage disposal from wall switch which is practically in Australia to an air switch which I can actually reach. I think it is a plumber. It might be the electrician. This has been going on so long, I get them mixed up.

On topic: I ask if he can put in new hoses. and the new vent. I have stopped asking my husband, who has less and less patience for things like that.
Many thanks,

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I think I should just call up Kenmore and Rabi....and find out what kind periscope vent can be used.

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Our kenmore is 110.68002010 type ddot-ele-2406024-el54
We tried a number of searches to see if /which robita vent would work with our dryer. too complicated for amateurs.
We're getting the w/d out soon so we can put in a new floor. Fixing the vent then would be ideal.
Hoping we can move forward, with "yous" help.

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