Dumb but quick question about materials budget in contract

mlrprincetonNovember 21, 2013

Hi, this is a quick question but one that will probably have you guys shaking your heads with my ignorance. In the contract to build a new master bathroom in our bedroom, it says:

Material budget included in pricing
Fixtures $3,500.00
Tile $600.00

Does this assume we're ordering the fixtures through the contractor? So far I've gone ahead and purchased (on my own, not through the contractor or any of his recommended suppliers), the vanity, a Toto Drake, and I just ordered a vessel sink online today. There's a few other things we have to choose but honestly, if you're willing to do the online research you can nearly always find things cheaper than at a contractor's showroom.

So my question is, if we don't end up buying any fixtures or the tile through him, do we get to subtract this amount from the total we have to pay him?
Is it only things like I've mentioned that count as "fixtures" or are any of his construction materials included in that? Things like light switches and the exhaust fan that he'll probably have and just go ahead and install? Thank you!

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I think this probably means plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures but I would clarify this.

If the only project in the contract is the bathroom, and you are buying all the fixtures yourself, you and and your contractor may want to rethink the contract.

The contractors I use do contracts like yours if they are responsible for supplying everything because they charge above their cost to determine the allowances. (They mark up the prices on what they pay).

When I did a job where I was supplying all of the fixtures and a certain amount of the finish materials, they would do time and materials contracts (materials being construction materials I didn't supply). This is generally more expensive in terms of labor because it is an hourly rate.

In any case you want to clarify exactly who is supplying what, and how this affects the overall budget. Again, when clients supply certain materials, and pay X for it, the contractor does not subtract X from the allowance, it is usually X minus something.

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In my current reno/addition I am adding a bath. My fixtures allowance (excluding lighting which was NOT included) was $3500. I did the same as you, except my builder told me I was fine because he was giving me things at cost. So I would go shopping give him my model numbers and best price, he would check his suppliers. The only thing he got at a better price was the tub surround. So he purchased that for $547, I paid cash for everything else. At the end of the bathroom construction he will take the $3500, subtract the $547 he paid for the tub and refund the difference off the balance of the contract. Does that make sense?

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Wow thanks Ineffable and CBlanco for your answers. I guess there's more room for interpretation here than I thought.

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