Most reliable 36 inch range?

heidiaOctober 4, 2012

Now that I have gotten over the sticker shock of the 36 inch ranges, I might be willing to invest more if I know it will last forever...I am tempted to order one of the ranges that is more affordable, but I might also be willing to invest more if it means less repair/never having to replace it...

Would love to hear your experiences in repairs for your 36 inch ranges...have you had any? None? Trying to find the brands least likely to need repairs/less frequent repairs atleast...


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What ever you get with the fewest bells and whistles, the least electronics. In general if you want the "most reliable" then buy a refurbished 1950s gas stove, Wedgewood or O'Keeffe & Merritt. Even though already 60 years old will still outlast anything built today.

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second the recommendation on a 50's vintage range. Built like tanks, very simple design, not much to go wrong and pretty much nothing does, save perhaps the electric clock needing rebuilding every 20 years. As a bonus, everything still works when the power goes out. We had a Caloric that was pretty much pristine after 50 years of daily use. (That said, I just ordered the CC for the new kitchen--but I don't expect it to be as reliable.)

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