Miele DW - need advice on similar model to original

luckymomOctober 7, 2012

We had a water leak about 3 weeks ago. Emergency restoration crew cracked the frame on my 10 year old Miele G829sciplus (Touchtronic Ultra, if that helps any). Has the water heater. softener, etc. Found out the crack can't be fixed. They don't sell that part, and the longer this goes on the madder I'm getting about it. The "independent" adjuster from the insurance company dealing with our claim, swears I can get the "same" thing for $1800. Considering it was $1700 plus $300 for installation 10 years ago, I doubt that. It was top of the line when I got it. Appliance store says comparable is $2400- $2700. Anyone here have any idea?

I'd probably live with the crack, but we kept warning them to be careful, DW was expensive, etc. Of course, the guy ripping out the cabinets response was we do this all the time- Yeah, but NOT on a Miele with screws on the side. Tore off the side metal shim, along with the crack (black sticky tape is left on half the side of the DW) I don't think I should have to live with a damaged appliance that could have been avoided. Let the insurance company duke it out with the liability company for the emergency crew.

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You have the full console dishwasher(with controls on front,not hidden) with custom panel?

The current TOL one is Miele Futura Diamond Series G5915SCISS. It is $2499 comes with a standard 5 year warranty,24 hr monitoring of your dishwasher via WiFi,LED lighting,auto close door and auto open door at end of cycle. Really much nicer than the old G829.

The most comparable would be Miele Futura Dimension Series G5505SCISS. It is $1699. It has water heater and water softner.

Delivery is $99. Installation is $180. Plus local sales tax if any.

I think your only good argument that you deserve more than the Dimension is that your Dishwasher is/was quieter. It probably is not but the adjuster can't prove it. Maybe you can split the difference in price between Dimension and Diamond. The insurance company therefore pays for TOL quiet like you had before but you pay $400 for the extra features?

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Broke down & hit the local Miele dealer. Got a GS2183 SSCvi. All I know it was $500 off retail (I know last years model- 9 years newer than mine, though) and needs a panel. Which is among the stuff currently up in the air- I needed the water softener, & I can live without all the goodies. I normally used only a couple cycles anyway. Got out of there for about $1600 including a 5 year warranty. I can live with that.

Needed it for tomorrow, cabinet is going in & (fingers crossed) they're doing my template. I want everything exactly where it's got to be for that. I'm going to turn in the receipt for the dishwasher & a panel. We'll see how it goes. I get to rip into them about needing an electrician, too- same idiot ripped the electrical box that the dsposer & DW plug into out of the wall. (Found that issue when DH removed the sink & counter top yesterday couldn't see it with the plumbing in the way).

Considering their bill was $2200, I really think they need to get rid of the tech who created this mess. Be much cheaper for them in the long run.

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