Please Help with Master Bathroom Layout

resepinnellNovember 22, 2013

Hi, we recently bought a half built home on 12 acres from my husband's grandparents and we are having trouble with the layout in the master bath, which was designed with a tub/shower combo and large double vanity with linen closet. The overall size is 8'x12' with a toilet area already framed. We are tying to fit in a nice looking freestanding bathtub, a separate shower and a 72" double vanity, however I don't want to shove it all in there just to have it if it isn't going to fit comfortably and look nice. I've attached a drawing I made in Publisher that shows the measurements before drywall as well as what I think is the best layout so far, although it's not to scale so probably looks more roomy than it is! I'm wondering if you see a better layout idea, think this one would work, or think I should skip the tub all together and opt for the larger shower option. I would love any input you have! Thanks, Desperate In Texas :-)

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Is the master bedroom on the bottom and the closet on the top? And are there any windows in the bathroom.\?

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That is correct, the master bedroom is on the bottom and the closet is on the top. There are no windows currently installed, but I have purchased a 2x3' and was thinking of having it installed next to the shower / above the short end of the tub if we went with this layout, but that can be moved and the window can be exchanged for another size or returned. The back yard is very private on the property and we can install blinds or curtains for extra privacy if needed. Thanks again!

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I think generally the placement of your fixtures is as good as you will get in a room of this shape and size. But I also think that it would be nice to 1) if at all possible shield the toilet area or give the commode its own WC (water closet); and 2) enlarge the shower space as I don't believe a 42 x 42 shower will be sufficient for placing two shower heads. It's quite possible you can steal space for your shower from the area now set aside for the floor standing tub. Good luck!

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