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tonymsradNovember 16, 2012

I must decide this weekend about mirrors and lighting for a double vanity. Vanity is 78". Distance between center of two sinks is 48" Each sink is flat-bottomed 19" width, leaving me 5 1/2" between edge of sink and wall.

Two questions: 1)I think I want one mirror. How far from the edge of each sink does the mirror need to end? Does it need to extend beyond the sink, or can it be a little less wide than the sink.

2) I want sconces. Say the mirror ends at the sink edge, leaving me with 5 1/2" between mirror and wall. Will that look ok??

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I'm not sure what to tell you about the width of the mirror. But I have just done a bathroom that has sconces on either side of a mirrored medicine cabinet. The space between the cabinet and the wall is 9" on each side. An average sconce needs about 5" in width, leaving only 2" on each side. I think it would look crowded to put a sconce in a much smaller space. To me, 5.5 would be small.

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I would get a 78" mirror and mount the sconces on the mirror. I would use 3 sconces. See picture linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: sconce on mirror

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I would do what pps7 says or something like what I did. (Cutting holes in mirror like that isn't cheap, so keep that in mind if it matters to you.) It'll otherwise be too tight on the sides and the mirror will, in my opinion, be oddly "off-centered" from the sink.

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