Do mulitipoint entry sets come in 2-piece style instead of 1 long

threeapplesSeptember 20, 2012

Unsightly thing. I cannot find a nice looking one. Thanks.

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I don't like the 1-piece long ones either so I just buy a lockable lever and a dead-bolt, both from a matching collection.

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I can't say that I have seen a 2-piece trim set. Have you looked at many different manufacturers? Maybe Ashley Norton? We are using emtek trim sets on our Anderson patio doors to coordinate with our custom front door. I have to say that I wasn't thrilled when I realized that I had to use a lever on my front door for the multipoint lock, but we have to for impact rating. I know that there are several companies that make trim sets for multipoint locks.

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A lockable lever and a deadbolt won't guard the door against warping though, right?

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We had to have a multipoint lock for hurricane impact rating - primarily to meet wind speeds. We live in SW Florida and we either have to shutter the door or meet impact code with the glass and locking mechanism.

We have a 10' deep front porch that will offer some protection for the finish and warping and we chose a type of wood - can't remember the name - that is supposed to do well in our humid climate. We do not have the extreme temps of the north as far as freezing - just hot and humid here for most of the year.

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Correct threeapples it will not, and I do not recall ever seeing that as an option.

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I actually prefer the symmetry of the two long plates on the doors versus a knob and a lock on one and a knob on the other. We have the second option in the basement as we don't have multipoint doors down there - less expensive option. We used the Baldwin Estate squared off backplate with a simple beaded lever on our upstairs multipoint doors and I really like them - and I am not a lever person!

I looked at the Omnia multipoint but I don't like the curved backplate and their squared off one was wider, chunkier and more contemporary looking than the Baldwin one.

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